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What is a vampire facial?

Vampire facial…is it really a thing? How does it work? Is one right for you? Our skincare technicians are demystifying the cosmetic service and explaining why it’s growing in popularity.
The benefits of CoolSculpting®

Safely eliminate stubborn fat bulges with CoolSculpting®—a gentle fat-freezing treatment at Gundersen Health System.
8 reasons a HydraFacial is the perfect skincare treatment

Get skin that glows with a relaxing HydraFacial at Gundersen Health System—the perfect skincare treatment for all skin types and tones!
The greatest benefit of tea, from an Englishman in Hillsboro

If asked, Dan Howard could talk about the health benefits of tea. But his favorite health benefit from tea is that it provides a moment of respite.
Your guide to permanent makeup (cosmetic tattooing) at Gundersen

Whether you’re just starting to explore permanent makeup options or are ready to book, we’ve got you covered with a range of options at Gundersen Health System in La Crosse.
6 easy tips to avoid dehydration this summer

As the weather heats up, it’s important to drink enough water and avoid dehydration—signs may include muscle cramps, dizziness or fatigue. Here are some strategies to help you reach your
Recipe: Sparkling strawberry mint mocktail

As the weather heats up, it’s important to drink enough water and avoid dehydration—some signs of which include muscle cramps, dizziness or fatigue. Here's a delicious recipe for staying hydrated!
Three steps to healthier, fuller-looking hair: HydraFacial Keravive

Keravive HydraFacial is a three-step, 90-day system specially designed to cleanse, nourish and hydrate your scalp for fuller and healthier hair.
Meet Amanda: Children's Miracle Network Hospitals® Hero

Amanda’s parents, Jason and Diane, didn’t know if it would be different for her. Two years prior to Amanda’s birth in 2006, her brother, Jared, was born with a rare
Meet Brynleigh: Children's Miracle Network Hospitals® Hero

Brynleigh, like her older brother, entered the world earlier than expected. She was born at 27 weeks and weighed 2lbs 7oz. Brynleigh spent her first 61 days of life in
Meet Charlie: Children's Miracle Network Hospitals® Hero

Be it bones or books, the Charlie is enamored by the prehistoric creatures that once roamed the earth. It’s a subject he’s grown to love, even as he’s grown up
Meet Eduardo: Children's Miracle Network Hospitals® Hero

When Eduardo was 7 years old, he began frequently feeling ill while at school. He found himself gasping for air after completing minor tasks, such as walking up a flight
Meet Trey: Children's Miracle Network Hospitals® Hero

Trey was just 1lb 9.4oz when he came into the world earlier than expected. A micro-preemie, he spent the first 104 days of his life in Gundersen Health System’s NICU.
Sunscreen options: A guide for keeping your skin happy, healthy & protected

Sunscreen is the most effective way to shield your skin from harmful UV rays, which are the primary cause for premature aging. With so many options available though, it’s not
An elderly man and his disabled wife with tablet indoors, explaining how to take medication.
How can I quit using tobacco?

More than 8 million people die each year from tobacco. While it’s not easy, quitting can help you live a healthier and longer life. “Quitting is the best thing you

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