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Pregnancy & Birth

Beautiful young Asian pregnant woman resting after doing pregnancy yoga at home.
Pregnancy & Birth

Whether you’re starting a family or growing it, bringing a child into the world is an incredible journey. Our experienced team delivers more newborns than any other facility in our area. Our experts are here for you, from the time you learn you’re expecting until you leave our hospitals plus one (or two or three!)

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Close-up low angle view of Asian pregnant woman hanging a baby mobile onto a wooden crib.
Prepare for the journey
Before baby

Build your chance of having a healthy baby by preparing your body for pregnancy.  

Steps for success
Every step of the way
During pregnancy

We deliver expert prenatal care and offer important resources to plan for delivery and parenthood. Depending on your pregnancy, you’ll have the option to choose from a variety of providers who specialize in delivering babies, including obstetrics and gynecology providers (OB-GYN), midwives or family medicine providers. 

What's ahead
A pregnant woman holds her bump thoughtfully in her modern kitchen window on a sunny day
A newborn baby boy breastfeeding for the first time in hospital, directly after a caesarean section
The big day
Labor and delivery

When it’s time to meet your baby, you’ll deliver in our state-of-the-art birth center—complete with spacious birthing suites designed to feel like home. Whether you deliver vaginally or require a cesarean section (c-section), our team is here to help support you and your birth plan. 

Your birth experience
When it all begins
After pregnancy

It’s hard to fully prepare for how life changes when you bring home a new baby. We’re here to ease the transition, helping you and your baby learn to breastfeed and adjust to life together. 

Welcome to parenthood
Doctor listening to chest of baby boy with stethoscope
eBooks and app
Our online books and app are your guides to pregnancy, labor and beyond.
Check them out
Welcome to Motherhood

Your journey to parenthood begins here.

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Appointment planner
Learn what’s ahead during each of your prenatal appointments with our planner.
View the calendar
Online Course Bundle: Labor and Birth and Essentials of Breastfeeding
Prepare for labor, birth and breastfeeding with this helpful course combo, developed and approved by Gundersen experts. Only one registration is needed.
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