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Summer food safety guidelines
Summer food safety tips

By Ellen Compton, RD, Gundersen Nutrition Therapy Find Healthy Recipes Summertime often brings sunshine, barbecues, and gatherings with family and friends. It also means heat and the perfect conditions for
woman standing in front of a blue background making a kissy face
Skincare 101: Demystifying microneedling

While microneedling has been around for decades, the skincare treatment still causes confusion. Who's it for? What does it do? How does it work? Rest assured, as a beauty insider
4 elderly women with funny sunglasses on smiling
4 ways to own your age

At some point in our lives, birthday milestones have new meanings. Turning 55 doesn't bring the same excitement as celebrating 18, but there's a lot to look forward to. Your
Do Fad diets work
Fad diets: Stick with them or stray from them?

By Erika Thomas, RD, Gundersen Tri-County Nutrition Therapy Find Healthy Recipes Ketogenic. Whole 30. South Beach. Paleo. You’ve heard the names before. They’re fad diets – popular for their promise
two kids wearing aviator goggles laying on their stomachs on skateboards riding down a hill
Childhood injuries: When to seek medical care

What child doesn’t love summer? It’s a season filled with outdoor fun, but it’s also a season for more bumps and bruises. Knowing when to seek medical care for kids
woman experiencing a panic attack
What to do when you have a panic attack

Have you ever experienced a panic attack? Here's how to know you're suffering a panic attack and what to do about it. What is a panic attack? It's intense. It's
How to prevent lyme disease - tick season
How can you prevent Lyme disease?

Hidden in the wooded and brushy areas where you live, hike or explore are tiny bloodsucking parasites called ticks. Different types of ticks can infect you or your pet with
overhead shot of a table full of fruits, vegetables, and nuts
What is a plant-based diet?

A whole-food plant-based diet combines unprocessed foods and those that come from plants. You would eat mostly vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes, while limiting meat, poultry, eggs, dairy products
Apple sandwich
Apple sandwich

Apple sandwich Makes 2 servings Ingredients: 1 medium apple ¼ cup granola 1 tbsp raisins or other dried fruit (optional) 1-2 tbsp nut butter of choice (peanut, almond, cashew) Preparation
woman working from home
How to stay connected and combat loneliness while working from home

The volume of remote workers soared in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Working from home might be more efficient but can be isolating. For those who live alone, this could
woman standing on balcony eating a salad
Intuitive eating: How to tune in to bodily cues for hunger

By Laura Birkel, RD, Gundersen Nutrition Therapy Find Healthy Recipes Take a moment to reflect on the last time you ate something. How did you feel about eating it? Were
Woman and young girl standing in front of grill with meat and vegetables cooking
Simple food safety tips for any summer celebration

Barbecues and picnics may be summer staples, but hot weather makes it easy for bacteria in and around food to multiply. Keep your celebrations healthy—and thwart the risk of food
woman looking at a computer while on a video call
Skin feeling tired from so much screen time?

Restore your glow with HALO While video calls and social media have allowed many people to remain connected during the COVID-19 pandemic, they've also led to an increase in the
cholesterol HDL LDL chart
4 ways to reduce your cholesterol

Cholesterol is a fat-like substance with several purposes. Low-density lipids (LDL) are "bad" cholesterol that forms plaque in your blood vessels and organs which decreases blood flow, causing issues with
a woman holding her leg with stretch marks
How to prevent stretch marks

There are certain times in a person's life when they're more likely to develop stretch marks: pregnancy, puberty and other moments when weight gain or growth happens quickly. That's because
Nutrition and your mental health
Nutrition and your mental health

By Rebecca Stetzer, RD, Gundersen Nutrition Therapy Find Healthy Recipes There's mounting evidence of a strong connection between how you eat and your mental health. If you Google "nutrition and
older woman smiling while jogging outside
6 natural ways to prevent diabetes before it starts

Prediabetes is the period before diabetes is diagnosed where blood sugar levels are high but not high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes. Fortunately, progressing from prediabetes to diabetes is
Woman looking up recipes online
How to identify false nutrition claims

By Nancy Ernst, CD, CDE, RD, Gundersen Nutrition Therapy Knowledge is the best protection against becoming a victim of false nutrition claims, aka quackery. How can you tell a real
Is winter zapping your motivation to exercise
Is winter zapping your motivation to exercise? Try these tips.

For many people, it can be difficult to maintain an exercise routine once temperatures dip and snow flies. While it's normal to feel unmotivated this time of year, you don't
woman staring sadly at her lunch
Nutritional strategies to combat anxiety

Most of us know that healthy eating is important for physical health, but what if eating better also helped our mental health? Recent studies show that diet may play a

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