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Four researchers looking at research poster on the wall and reviewing results.

Gundersen Research Institute

Our researchers and providers foster a culture of curiosity and innovation that encourages the exploration of scientific questions, links patients to national studies and advances our basic understanding of disease. Our future depends on research.

Research and innovation at Gundersen

Our history and future are rooted in research. Practicing research has been part of our practice since Adolf Gundersen, MD, published his study in the Wisconsin Medical Journal in 1899. Today, you’ll find our research in journals from the American Medical Association, American College of Surgeons and more.

Translational research, clinical research and research navigation are the core focuses of our work as part of an academic healthcare system.

  • By studying how bacteria and viruses cause disease, we lay the foundation for developing new therapies and vaccines. The advancements we make allow our colleagues to deliver cutting-edge cancer care, cardiology, interventional radiology and precision medicine.
  • Gundersen’s clinical trials bring advanced treatment for cancer, blood disorders and specialty conditions close to home. Our 125 clinical trials offer hope and the same cutting-edge treatments as those at other top medical research hospitals – and often much sooner than they’re available to everyone.
  • Our research navigators partner with faculty, residents and medical learners to design and conduct original research studies that will improve patient care. Through close collaboration and consultation, we guide research projects from ideation to dissemination and facilitate learning opportunities to deepen research skills.    
Cancer research technician working in clinical laboratory.

Research advancements 

Our scientific researchers have developed a vaccine and secured patents for diagnostic tools and interventions. We’re growing tumors in our research labs to test novel treatments and collaborating with researchers around the world to find solutions for complex diseases. Our researchers are among the pioneering developers of 3D breast cell cultures outside the body to better understand the complexities of breast cancer. We offer industry sponsored trials for qualifying patients that allow for access to new therapies and treatment. Together, anything is possible. 

Advancing research through innovation

"Independently and in collaboration with partners worldwide, we're dedicated to advancing medical research and community well-being - just as we have for over 100 years. It's exciting to be part of an institution that places such importance on scientific inquiry. I am fortunate to work with a team of individuals with tremendous curiosity, excellent problem-solving skills and a huge desire to share these skills with others. Whether it's the eager undergraduate students joining us as summer fellows or the well-established research scientists, the passion people bring to their work is truly inspiring. Our team is committed to finding answers to scientific questions, sharing results, and training others to do so. In partnership with our clinical, medical education, and community stakeholders, we look forward to expanding our ability to address healthcare challenges and promote well-being now and in the years to come."
- Jennifer Kleven, MD, Gundersen Research Institute Medical Director

Gundersen’s research scope

Two female research scientists examining specimen slide.

Translational Research

We conduct evidence-based, reproducible translational research to answer important questions about improving health outcomes. We’re pursuing clinical breakthroughs in a range of diseases, from breast and ovarian cancer to Lyme disease and beyond.   

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Cancer physician meeting with clinical trials at Gundersen participants.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials at Gundersen for cancer, blood disorders and specialty conditions offer hope and answers. When you enroll in a clinical trial, you become part of something bigger. You may help scientists discover treatments that transform your life and future generations. 

Clinical trials at Gundersen
Five research navigation professionals collaborating in conference room.

Research Navigation & Education

The Research Navigation & Education team collaborates with faculty, residents and medical students to develop original research studies. We provide collaboration and consultation to help you develop and disseminate your research project.   

Navigation & Education
Researcher with specimen slide inside cancer Biobank.

Gundersen Cancer Biobank

Our biobank holds more than 100,000 tissue and biofluid specimens donated by patients to help us transform cancer care. To accelerate progress, we share specimens with global researchers who are working on cancer causes, diagnosis and treatment.

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All of Us

There’s a lot your DNA can tell you, but there’s more to learn. Join the All of Us Research Program to help researchers answer important health questions. Learn more about yourself, your DNA and your health, at no cost. 

Join All of Us
Three cancer research scientists looking at study data in lab.

Research staff

Get to know our research leaders and scientists, find out how to contact them and take a look at their work.

Meet our researchers

Support Gundersen’s research

We’re working toward achieving clinical breakthroughs in a range of diseases, from breast and ovarian cancer to Lyme disease and beyond. If you’re eligible, you can help advance science by donating to the Gundersen Cancer Biobank or enrolling in a clinical trial at Gundersen. Our researchers depend on support from Gundersen Medical Foundation and generous donors like you. You accelerate our progress. You help us find answers.

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