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Orientation Information

You will find many resources here, including general information and forms you will need to sign and bring with you on the first day of your rotation.

All students
3 weeks prior to rotation
  • Look at the timeline of what is expected prior to your first day of rotation
  • Review Housing Welcome and Agreement
  • Review the Gundersen Scrub Policy
  • Review the Housing Parking Map
  • Review parking and campus maps

Download all documents and maps:

2 weeks prior to rotation

You must complete Registration for our system, as well as EPIC modules (see "Get the Details" below). Please note: if you have done a rotation through Gundersen previously within the same calendar year, you DO NOT need to complete these steps. If you rotated prior to this calendar year (2018), you need to re-do Mandatory Education.

Please complete STEP 1 by Tuesday, two weeks prior to your first day of Orientation. All students must complete this as this is the only way you will have access to our computer system. Please note that our system will only accept 9 digits, so if your student ID has more than 9 you may need to drop the first one or two. Be sure to enter in the dates as the full 12 weeks you will be here (Phase 2 students).

After you receive the Registration email from our IT department, you will need to complete STEPS 2-4THIS MUST BE DONE PRIOR TO FIRST DAY OF ROTATION. For Step 4 of your registration, select your curriculum, which is "Provider Students" and complete each module.

There is information about mandatory education, registering for EPIC, and completing the training. Please complete all modules, but be sure to complete the EUPA100 50 question quiz (EPIC Quiz) and Mandatory Education, as you need to have completed that for access. This MUST be completed before you arrive for Orientation.

Again, first you must complete Step 1 on the Registration letter (see "Get the Details" below). Please register as soon as possible as it takes a few days to move through our system and we must approve your registration in order for the other e-mails with information about EPIC modules to generate. It takes a full 24 hours for the Registration approval to go through.

  • Gundersen internal system registration (Step 1)
  • Gundersen EPIC registration (Step 2)
  • Gundersen "Provider Student" Curriculum (Step 3)

Please note: if you do not complete all training education modules, EUPA100, and REG-18-202 (Mandatory Education), you cannot start your rotation. This is mandatory.

Get the details

1 week prior to rotation

Print and sign

  • Print and sign the signature page of the Housing Agreement to bring on first day of rotation.
    • Plan to bring $125 housing security deposit on first day
    • This could be either check or credit/debit card, but we prefer check
  • Review, print, and complete/sign pages 3-5 for the ICE House and Simulation Lab Guidelines. Bring with you to orientation.

Review information



  • UWSMPH Students: Review CANVAS Block specific materials (see Block Specific section).
    • Note that there are documents you must print and bring with you for your rotation requirements, as well as documents to review and videos to watch prior to your start date

General information


  • General Information
  • Dress Code
  • Isolation Precautions
  • Medical Recruiting Office Information

Download all:



Discrimination policies

  • Sexual harassment Policy
  • Abusive, Threatening and Violent Behavior in the Workplace Policy

Download all:



La Crosse

Your first day

During your Orientation at Gundersen you will receive your schedule.

You will be notified a week prior of your arrival time and location.


  • Bring your signed Housing Agreement and ICE House and Simulation Lab Guidelines
  • Bring a check for $125 for your housing deposit and a check for $25 for your scrub deposit
  • Bring your white coat and stethoscope
  • Feel free to bring lunch if you do not want to buy it on campus
  • You must bring a lock if you choose to use a locker

Gundersen Main Clinic La Crosse
1900 South Avenue
La Crosse, WI 54601

Housing information

In this section you will find specific information about our different medical student housing units.

Michael Erickson

  • Efficiencies with either 2 twin beds or 1 double bed
    • Possibility of a roommate
    • Double beds: 1-6; Twin beds: 7-13
  • Kitchenette in each unit
  • Private bathroom within unit
  • Pictures of units and common areas

Sims Place

  • Townhouse with 3 lockable bedrooms
    • 2 bedrooms have double beds, 1 bedroom has twin bed
  • Shared commons area and kitchen
  • 1 bathroom

Swift Creek

  • Apartments with 4 lockable bedrooms
    • All bedrooms have twin beds
  • Shared common area/kitchen
  • 2 bathrooms per unit
  • Each bedroom has a twin bed
  • Pictures of units and common areas

A note about housing at Gundersen

Housing is offered free for medical students at Gundersen, but please note that you will not have a choice in your housing assignment and you may have a roommate if housing is maxed out.

If you have special circumstances that will affect your housing assignment, you must notify us AT LEAST five (5) days prior to your arrival. We will make an effort to accommodate your needs; however, accommodation is NOT guaranteed.

Phase 2 Block Specific Information
Acute Care

Block Leader: Dr. Kyla R. Lee

Prior to your start date

Review all information on Canvas.

Review the following:

  • Acute Care Block Welcome
  • Welcome - ER Rotation
  • Welcome - Neuro Rotation
  • AC Block Overview - Internal Medicine
  • General Information for AC Block
  • Attending Ward Expectations
  • Senior Resident Hints on IM Ward

Download all: 

Care Across the Life Cycle

Block Leader: Dr. Kelly Hodgson Kline

Prior to your start date

Review all information on Canvas.

Review the following
Obstetrics and Gynecology

Watch the videos and read the information from our rotation lead, Dr. Ken Merkitch, prior to your time on OB/Gyn:

Reading materials:

  • OB/Gyn Rotation Requirements
  • Methods for Estimating the Due Date
  • Diagnostic Imaging During Pregnancy and Lactation
  • Vaginitis
  • Intrapartum Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Management of Intrapartum Fetal Heart Rate Tracings
  • Antepartum Fetal Surveillance
  • Early Pregnancy Loss
  • Breast Cancer Risk Assessment

Download all:





Reading materials:

  • Welcome from Dr. Lori Weber, Pediatric Rotation Lead
  • La Crosse Pediatric Clerkship Requirements
  • Organizing Rounds Presentation

Download all:

Chronic and Preventative Care

Block Leader: Dr. Kim Lansing

Prior to your start date

Review all information on Canvas.

Review the following:

  • Welcome to CPC!
  • Welcome to Family Medicine Clinic
  • Welcome to Outpatient Behavorial Health
  • Outpatient Internal Medicine Objectives and Information
  • Outpatient Neurology Objectives and Information

Download all:

Surgical and Procedural Care

Block Leader: Dr. Irina Shakhnovich

Prior to your start date

Review all information on Canvas.

Review the following:

  • Overview of the SPC Block
  • Goals and objectives

Download all:

Phase 3 and 4th Year Specific Information
UWSMPH Acting Internships

All Acting Internships need to review information on [email protected]

Cardiology, Pulmonary, General Medicine AI

Review Expectations here at Gundersen for your AI

Ambulatory Acting Internship

Before you begin your rotation please do the following:

  • Watch the Pre-Orientation video. Complete this in the week prior to orientation.
    Ambulatory Acting Internship>Webinar Videos>Pre-Orientation Video
  • Review the AAI course book. Complete this in the week prior to the rotation start date, if not earlier. Ambulatory Acting Internship>Webinar Videos>Pre-Orientation Video
  • Take the Pre-Rotation Quiz. Complete this prior to orientation at 6pm on the first Monday of the rotation. Ambulatory Acting Internship>Pre-Rotation Quiz
  • Send any completed Absence Request Forms to Kenny MacMillan [email protected]. Absence requests should be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance. Complete this as soon as possible.
  • Review all other materials on [email protected]
Electives: All Institutions

For UWSMPH students

  • Please make sure your elective course has been added to your Oasis schedule.
  • Follow Registration and Orientation information provided on this website.

All other schools

  • Confirm with a coordinator at your institution that Gundersen Health System has an affiliation agreement with your school.
  • Provide Gundersen coordinator with a WI background check. Below is the link to the background check. The processing fee for the background check must be paid for by the student or university.
  • Follow Registration and Orientation information provided on this website.

Palliative Elective information

Articles for you to read while on Palliative Rotation.

Download all:



Contact information
Medical Student Program Coordinator

Grace Kugler
(608) 775-0959

Medical Student Program Coordinator

Raena Housker
(608) 775-6743


1900 South Ave.
La Crosse, WI 54601

(608) 782-7300

Language Support:
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