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Our Nursing Philosophy

We are committed to practicing exceptional nursing care that is patient and family centered, and delivered within a culture of caring and safety that promotes a healing environment.

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Nursing professional framework

At Gundersen, we lead with love and we're known for our passion, dedication, knowledge, engagement and joy in our profession.

Our nursing professional framework–with Caritas at the heart–supports, guides, strengthens and empowers our nurses to evolve in their professions as individuals and as a whole.

Caring Science and the Human Caring Theory influence every element of nursing at Gundersen.

In our nursing care, this means being fully present with patients, practicing loving kindness with yourself and others, being sensitive to a patient’s cultural and spiritual beliefs and practices–and understanding that it's a privilege to care for patients.

Our framework is:

Focused on care

The framework allows you to focus on the patient’s needs while also empowering you to own how care is delivered. This ensures patients remain our top priority.


You can personalize your experience and create your own path. We encourage you to pursue professional development opportunities that cater to your strengths and interests.


Time spent on education, evidence-based practice and research can be adjusted depending on your unique needs.


As a nurse, you're an integral part of the care team. No matter your position, you'll be given opportunities to lead change through shared decision-making.


We encourage all nurses to practice at their full potential. We value where you are in your career and encourage you to seek—or not—opportunities that may be of interest.

Adult female nurse holding stethoscope to teddy bear with young female patient.

Caritas at Gundersen

Caritas is caring…and so much more. It encompasses the relationships we have with ourselves and each other. The connections – and love – we share with the world. 

At Gundersen, it's the heartfelt encounters we have every day with our patients, colleagues and communities. The meaningful relationships that truly impact lives. The hope, healing and energy that we offer physically, emotionally and spiritually. And the compassion we have not only for others but also for ourselves.

The term Caritas comes from a Latin word meaning "to cherish, appreciate, give special if not loving attention to." Caritas originates from Dr. Jean Watson's Human Caring Theory and it guides our nurses in delivering Love + Medicine every day. 

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