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Lab research technician in lab using equipment.

Translational Research

We aim to develop effective treatments for complex diseases by collaborating with other scientists worldwide.

Innovating to advance global understanding

Gundersen’s translational researchers work alongside other scientists to conduct research that answers important questions about how we can improve the health of our patients, our community and our world. 

We investigate what causes cancer in different cells, how it spreads and its genetic make-up to improve patient care. By studying how bacteria and viruses cause disease, we lay the foundation for developing new therapies and vaccines.   


Support Gundersen’s research

We’re working toward achieving clinical breakthroughs in a range of diseases, from breast and ovarian cancer to Lyme disease and beyond. We need your help. If you’re eligible, you can help advance science by donating to the Gundersen Cancer Biobank or enrolling in a clinical trial at Gundersen. Our work depends on support from Gundersen Medical Foundation and generous donors like you. You accelerate our progress. You help us find answers.

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Research areas

Research scientist looking into microscope.

Breast Cancer Research

Our research scientists study breast cancer at the molecular level using genomics, molecular and cellular biology, and genetically engineered mouse models. Genomic medicine tailors treatments to each patient's genes—and offers newfound hope. 

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Two ovarian cancer research scientists examining results on computer.

Ovarian Cancer Research

Our ovarian cancer research team investigates the metastatic spread of the disease and creates organoids to test novel treatments that could change how we treat this deadly form of cancer here and around the world.

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Two female research scientists examining specimen slide.

Virology Research

Our Virology research on herpesviruses and bacteriophages could lead to breakthroughs that stop untreatable bacterial infections and tumors caused by herpesviruses. 

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Lyme disease researcher picking tick off leg.

Microbiology Research

Our research scientists were among the first to develop and standardize robust methodologies to study Lyme disease. After helping develop the first Lyme disease vaccine for dogs, our researchers are now working on a next-generation vaccine. 

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It feels good to see my patients benefit from the kind of funding Gundersen Medical Foundation provides and when quality research is produced because of your support.
Portrait of Jia Jian Tin.
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More from Gundersen Research Institute

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Stay current on our research initiatives, achievements and more. 

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Three male cancer research scientists working together in the laboratory.


Get to know our research leaders and scientists, find out how to contact them and take a look at their work.

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