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Research scientists in cancer biobank.

Gundersen Cancer Biobank

We’re driving progress in cancer care by connecting researchers with biospecimens.

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Biosamples for research

The Gundersen Cancer Biobank contains more than 100,000 tissue and biofluid specimens donated by patients to help researchers transform cancer care.  

Almost all types of malignancies are represented in our specimen collection, which focuses primarily on solid tumors. We also bank blood, plasma and serum specimens because we believe blood biomarkers will become more important in cancer treatment and diagnosis.  

We share the specimens we collect with researchers around the world who are working on cancer causes, diagnosis and treatment. We know we’ll find answers sooner if we work together.  

Specimens are numbered with anonymous codes linked to clinical information about the tumor but not to patient identities.    

The biobank houses specimens dating back to 1983 and has been accredited by the College of American Pathologists since 2015. Our deidentified cancer biospecimens for your research include:  

  • Formalin-fixed paraffin embedded tissue  
  • Flash-frozen cancer specimens  
  • Serum and plasma  
  • PBMCs/buffy coats and whole blood    
  • Digital pathology images

Request specimens

Request specimens from our biobank for your research by emailing [email protected]. You’ll hear from a biobank coordinator to discuss your research needs. 

Email Gundersen Cancer Biobank
Repository of specimens at Gundersen Cancer Biobank.

Biobank frequently asked questions

More than 20,000 patients diagnosed with cancer at Gundersen Health System have selflessly donated tissues to help our researchers and their colleagues around the world investigating its causes and treatments. Your contribution could lead to a breakthrough.

How will you protect my privacy?

Your identifying information is removed from your specimen, and it’s assigned a unique code. No researcher can link a specimen to your identity.

Does my provider learn research results from my specimen?

No, because specimens are anonymized to protect your privacy. Volunteers donate specimens with the hope that it will improve diagnosis and treatment for future cancer patients.

What kind of research is conducted with specimens from the biobank?

Specimens donated by patients like you have contributed to published studies on many forms of cancer, including breast, lung, head & neck, bladder, kidney, melanoma and chronic myeloid leukemia. The specimens we collected have also contributed to developing new comprehensive genetic testing now used across the country.

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How to connect

Director Paraic Kenny, PhD, and Translational Research manager Craig Richmond, PhD, can answer your specimen requests and questions.

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