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Nursing Students

If you are an undergraduate nursing student, please contact Kayla Sipley at [email protected] for more information.

Graduate nursing students

Thank you for choosing Gundersen Health System as your clinical site placement. Gundersen Health System receives a high volume of Graduate Nursing student clinical placement requests each academic semester, and clinical placement decisions are based on multiple criteria. It is recommended that applicants pursue alternate placement opportunities in the event Gundersen Health System cannot accommodate.

We accept graduate level nursing applications in a wide variety of master's and Doctorate fields.

We are currently accepting Graduate Nursing applications for Spring 2023. Application deadline date for Spring 2023 is August 1, 2022. 

The Fall 2022 deadline has passed and we are no longer accepting applications for Fall 2022. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Due to our high volume of requests in primary care areas, if you are able to complete hours in specialty care areas, you should include this in your application request.

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Research and capstone project information

Undergraduate and Graduate Level Projects: DNP Project, Capstone, Research Study, Other Project Information

All students completing any kind of project or research study at Gundersen Health System must have Human Subjects oversight. All Nursing students needing to complete a project, research study, or a Capstone (such as an RN to BSN Capstone) but do not need clinical precepted hours should fill out the application below. The student must go through Medical Education to register as a student and obtain access for project work.

Please see the following for more information on research projects:

Additional information and resources
Parking maps & locations
Confirmation letter & registration information

If approved for a rotation, you will be notified via email right away. Typically, 6-8 weeks before your rotation begins, a confirmation letter and registration information will be emailed to you. It will include how to register as student, when you must register by, when your registration will be approved, what deadlines your required education must be completed by, and badge information.

Badge for identification

Gundersen requires all students to wear a current school issued ID badge. You will also be issued and are required to wear a Gundersen issued ID badge. Identification badges will be issued to students rotating at Gundersen's campuses, including regional clinics/hospitals. These badges are to be worn whenever one is on the Gundersen campuses so that security personnel, employees, patients and visitors will be able to recognize you as a student. The ID badge indicates that you are authorized to be present in clinical areas. The ID badge must be worn above the waist with the name visible, not obscured by buttons or pins, while on duty. If a lanyard is used, it must be a solid color. The only writing allowed on the lanyard is the Gundersen name.

Please notify the Medical Education office immediately if a Gundersen-issued ID badge is lost or damaged. A replacement ID will be provided. There will be a $15 charge for any lost, stolen, or damaged badge. The replacement cost is the students or school's responsibility. Within one week following your clinical/ observation/ research completion, the students must return the ID badge or interoffice mail to ATTN: Kayla Sipley. Mail stop: CO3-006A.

Our team
Kayla Sipley
Kayla Sipley Student Program Coordinator

Kayla Sipley
Student Program Coordinator
[email protected]
(608) 775-5953
Fax: (608) 775-1548

Medical Education Office
Gundersen Medical Foundation
(608) 775-2081
Fax: (608) 775-1548
Mailstop: C03-006A

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