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Hip, Knee & Shoulder Surgery

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Hip, Knee & Shoulder Surgery

If everyday activities like climbing stairs or grocery shopping have become unbearable due to pain, then total joint replacement surgery may be the answer. Our orthopedic surgeons perform more than 1000 joint replacements every year. When it's time, we're here to help you achieve better movement with less pain.

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What to expect
Total joint replacement surgery

Joint replacement surgery shouldn't come with surprises. We'll guide you through every step—starting with the decision to have surgery, preparations before surgery, a hospital stay (if needed) and recovery at home. Many patients are successful going home the same day as their surgery. Talk to your surgeon about your options.

Robotic-assisted total joints

Gundersen offers robotic-assisted total knee and hip replacement. CORI is a state-of-the-art, portable robotics system designed to deliver the most precise and personalized experience. 

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Your joint replacement journey
Before surgery

We’ll help you understand the causes of joint pain, whether joint replacement is the best option for you and lifestyle changes to consider ahead of surgery. Lifestyle changes commonly include losing weight, quitting tobacco and controlling ongoing health problems, such as diabetes.

Preparing for surgery

Once surgery is scheduled, we’ll guide you along our established care pathway—outlining appointments, home preparations and exercises to begin before surgery. Plus, you’ll have access to workbooks and videos online in our Patient Education library.

Recovering from surgery

Recovery will occupy a lot of your time after surgery, but the effort you put in will help decrease pain and increase function of your joint. There are many techniques and tips available as you get back to activities of daily living,

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Patient education

Access total joint replacement workbooks and videos online in our Patient Education library. We have the resources to set you up for success—from home preparations and lifestyle changes before surgery to daily exercises and pain management after surgery.

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We offer total joint replacement close to home.

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Robotic knee replacement surgery at Gundersen enhances precision and personalization 

April 04, 2023

Gundersen Health System Orthopedic surgeons are now using robotic-assisted surgery, making the experience less invasive, more personalized, and the recovery process faster.

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