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Whitehall woman can't wait for Minutes in Motion

"I first saw Minutes in Motion on the Gundersen Health System webpage. It was in its beginning stage and they were saying they were going to start a program to help motivate people to exercise. My instant thought? What's this going to cost? I went up a few weeks later, and there it was! Free sign up. I read through the explanation of the program and thought, 'I can do this!' So, I signed up right away.

Dawn Hegge of Whitehall

"To really motivate myself to sincerely give this program a chance, I decided that if I was going to lose weight, I had to change my way of thinking. I was tired of constantly finding excuses and decided it was time to take action and start exercising.

"The program was super easy! Just put in the date and record how long you walk each day. How easy is that? Once I started and stuck with it, the more and more motivated I became! If you just start, one good thing will lead to another and sooner than I knew it, I was going every day and enjoying it!

"My recommendation to someone who is thinking about signing up for Minutes in Motion: Do it! Start slow and the motivation will come. It becomes easier and more enjoyable each day! Be consistent and be sure you go every day, so you don't start making excuses.

"I know I was looking for motivation, or something to inspire me for years. Minutes in Motion changed my life in so many positive ways. I start each day thankful for a new day full of opportunities. You have to believe that you can become that slimmer, healthier version of you!

"I can't wait for spring this year and I am excited to start my walking program again. Thanks Minutes in Motion!"

- Dawn Hegge, Whitehall

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