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Steven Manson, MD

Minutes in Motion motivates doctor

Steven Manson, MD, Pediatrics, used his time working at home during the COVID-19 pandemic to improve his physical fitness. With the encouragement of his daughter, Rachael Kaiser, Child Life Specialist, he started Peloton cycling and fitness activities daily. Dr. Manson shed several pounds of fat, gained a few pounds of muscle and increased his aerobic capability over the course of two months. Dr. Manson states that he is in the best shape in decades. The Minutes in Motion program was a motivator for him to perform and track his activity and success. Even those who help us and our families stay healthy can use encouragement and motivation from time to time!

Tom with his wife, Michele, and their daughter, Ashley.

Minutes in Motion is for everybody

As a health teacher, Tom Wilkinson knows it's important to stay active. He spends his lunch break from virtual teaching exercising with his daughter Ashley, who has RETT syndrome and unable to walk without help. "I push the stroller with Ashley around the block in our rural neighborhood, which is about a half-mile. We do a minimum of four laps per day if the weather is good," he says. The father-daughter team is a great example of how Minutes in Motion is for everybody. No matter your age or ability, fresh air and movement can help improve your health and mood.

Pictured: Tom with his wife, Michele, and their daughter, Ashley.

Team Pepsi gets an extra fizz

Dave Larkin, a Team Pepsi participant, was announced as the grand prize winner of $500 for completing Minutes in Motion.

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West Salem School District creates some healthy competition

The "Stinky Shoe" trophy that is awarded to the West Salem School District Minutes in Motion team that logs the most minutes throughout the competition

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Walking to success

Julie and Lisa find walking on their lunch break as the best way to get their physical exercise for the day.

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Get active for life

Most days, you'll see Ed West cycling the three miles from his La Crosse home to his job at Dairyland Power. For Ed, the daily commute is a perfect opportunity for riding.

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'30 minutes of exercise a day has changed my life'

Leah Misch of La Crescent, Minn., created a bucket list. Among her aspirations were making changes to improve her health, so she set a goal of running her first 5K in the Festival Foods La Crosse Fitness Festival. But it wasn't going to be easy

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Happy to be minding his minutes

When La Crosse resident George Haug heard about Minutes in Motion on the radio, he decided to give it a try. And he won $500.

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Burn up the dance floor - and calories

When Bob Cibulka and his friends take the floor, they'll be dancing to the tune of Minutes in Motion.

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Whitehall woman can't wait for Minutes in Motion

"The program was super easy! Just put in the date and record how long you walk each day. How easy is that?"

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Educator gets Richland County residents excited about Minutes in Motion

Dana Churchill raised awareness and helped motivate 150 participants and 20 teams to take part in the challenge for the first time.

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