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9 benefits of physical and occupational therapy

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9 benefits of physical and occupational therapy

Is therapy right for you? We can help with orthopedic problems, neurological conditions, cognitive limitations, pelvic health issues, sports injuries, work-related injuries and more.

  1. A safe and effective way to reduce and manage chronic pain—not just mask pain like opioids.
  2. Reduce or eliminate the need for prescription drugs, including pain-killers, and may help avoid surgery.
  3. Improves or restores mobility.
  4. Recover faster from injury or surgery.
  5. Suitable for most patients regardless of age, fitness or mobility level, and whether or not you get your care at Gundersen.
  6. No referral needed.*
  7. Sometimes it costs less to use our cash-based, affordable flat rates than to go through insurance.**
  8. Many of our physical and occupational therapists have advanced specialized training in assistive technology and therapies for scoliosis, sports injuries, pelvic health, neurological problems, dizziness/balance (vestibular rehab), lymphedema, hands and more.
  9. Our clinicians have direct access to other Gundersen specialists for those who may need additional treatments.

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*Check with your insurance to verify coverage and eligibility.

** Cash pay not available for those on Medicare/Medicaid/government insurance.

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