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Explore fall food flavors

Fall is a great time to dive into some new apple varieties and recipes. Do you prefer a crunchy and tart Granny Smith apple or a soft and sweet Macintosh? There are around 200 different apples grown in the US and maybe even more ways to prepare them. Most people have a favorite apple pie recipe, but have you ever tried sliced apples on a sandwich or a salad? How about adding them to a coleslaw or a pork roast?

When trying a new food, you can practice mindful eating, which takes to you to a state of full presence in the experience.

Here are 3 questions you can ask yourself as you taste some new apples or fall recipes:

Does this food look appealing?

Some foods are appealing because of the color, smell or texture. Other may remind us of memories of a favorite friend or relative. Some foods are appealing because they have a reputation for being delicious.

Do I enjoy this food?

As you take your first few bites notice the flavors and texture of the food. Is it sweet, sour, salty, savory or bitter? Is it crunchy, creamy, soft or hard? Notice how the flavor and texture changes as you continue chewing.

Is this food satisfying?

Food can be satisfying for many different reasons. It may have an appealing flavor. It may be satisfying because it makes you feel good or it may be satisfying because you know it is going to fill you up until your next meal.

The Midwest offers an endless variety of fruits and vegetables. Take advantage of the fall harvest and try something new!

Try these fall recipes to practice "mindful eating:"

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