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5 tips to get your child to wear a mask

1: Explain why we should all wear masks. You can keep it simple by telling them that we wear masks to protect ourselves and others.

2: Be clear and consistent. Show your child the right—and wrong—way to wear a mask. Remind them the mask needs to cover both their mouth and nose. Your attitude and actions will affect how your child feels about wearing a mask.

3: Practice wearing a mask at home to help them adjust. Start by having your child wear their mask for five minutes and then 10, slowly increasing the amount of time they have their mask on. Try to make mask wearing fun by doing an activity or playing a game with them while they're masked up.

4: Let your kiddo pick out their own mask, if you can. Having a mask with a colorful print on it or their favorite TV or book character can make the experience more enjoyable. Be sure that whatever mask they choose fits comfortably and stays in place.

5: You know your child best. Use techniques that have worked in the past to get them to cooperate. Some kids may struggle more than others. Talk to your provider if you need more support.

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