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Support Hotline & Resources

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Support Hotline & Resources

Do you need to talk to someone now? We're ready to help you through any crisis—whether you’re a survivor of domestic abuse, sexual assault, crime or are seeking help for someone you love. Our trained advocates will answer your questions, offer confidential support and discuss options for next steps. Call our free 24-Hour Hotline, or fill out a form and we’ll call you back. We're here for you 24/7.

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Identifying domestic violence, sexual assault & sexual abuse

Domestic violence, sexual assault and sexual abuse are similar in that they're all acts of power and control. No matter what situation you're in, we can offer help and support. You understand your situation best, and we are here to support the decisions you make.

Domestic violence

Domestic violence occurs if your intimate partner forces you to do things you do not want to do. This can include threats, physical and emotional abuse, financial abuse, sexual violence or keeping you separated from your friends and family.

Sexual assault

Sexual assault is any sexual act that happens without your consent or understanding. It can include rape, incest, unwanted touching or kissing, sexual harassment, etc.

Sexual abuse

Sexual abuse is when a person in a position of power or control has sexual contact over another person—often a child, teenager or elderly person. Perpetrators can be family members, friends or strangers.

Help is available
Domestic Abuse & Sexual Assault Program

You have the right to feel safe and be safe—and so do your children. Our services are free and confidential. We’ll help you assess your needs and options, make a safety plan and coordinate community resources. We're here to support your goals and decisions.

Call the 24-Hour Hotline
Sexual Abuse Counseling & Support

If you’re a victim of sexual assault or sexual abuse, we can help you recover from the trauma with therapeutic treatment and support services. We care for children who have been sexually abused, adult survivors of child sexual abuse and recent sexual assaults. Our services are available at no charge.

Call Sexual Abuse Counseling & Support
Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE)

If you've been sexually assaulted, it’s important to be seen by a medical professional. Our sexual assault nurse examiners will compassionately and respectfully assist you in our emergency room. You have options for your care, including assessing you for injuries, collecting evidence, documenting the assault and offering support. Sexual assault can happen to anyone and is never your fault.

Talk to someone about a SANE exam
Crime Victim Services

You have rights and can get help if you are a victim of crime. If you live in La Crosse, Monroe, Jackson, Trempealeau and Vernon counties and are the victim of robbery, violent personal injury, assault, drunk driving or are the survivor of or a secondary victim to homicide, we can provide free and confidential crisis counseling, advocacy, information and referral services.

Call Crime Victim Services
Suicide help and prevention

If you or a loved one has thoughts of harming yourself, tell someone right away. Call Great Rivers 221 (dial 2-1-1) or go to your nearest emergency room for immediate assistance. Trained professionals can help you or your loved one work through those feelings. Depression and suicidal thoughts are treatable.

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A personal safety plan

A "safety plan" is a term used to describe a set of actions that can help keep you safe and escape a dangerous or abusive situation. When you're scared or stressed, it can be hard to think clearly and make decisions quickly. That's why we recommend creating a safety plan before you need it.

Make a safety plan
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