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Heart Rhythm Disorders

Heart Rhythm Disorders

Hearts should follow a rhythm. If yours beats irregularly, you may have a heart rhythm disorder, called an arrhythmia. Some arrhythmias are harmless, but others are serious. Our heart experts use diagnostic tests and technology to manage and treat what used to be a life-threatening condition. 

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We offer several pacemakers, including the world’s smallest pacemaker—about the size of a vitamin—to regulate your heartbeat. It’s inserted through a minimally invasive, catheter-based procedure. This incredible tiny piece of technology has a battery life of 12 years.


The WATCHMAN implant reduces your stroke risk if you have atrial fibrillation that isn’t caused by a heart valve problem. Like a pacemaker, it’s implanted during a minimally invasive procedure and best for those who need an alternative to blood thinners.

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We know an opinion from a second expert is important. Call us if you or a loved one received a diagnosis of aneurysm, blocked arteries, repairs of heart valves or defects or heart rhythm problems.

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