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Hearing Aids

Not hearing as well as you once did? You’ve come to the right place. Our audiologists are specially trained in hearing and balance disorders in all ages. We understand that getting the most suitable hearing aid, within your budget, is important to enjoying life to its fullest.

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Styles of hearing aids at Gundersen

Our audiologists will perform a thorough hearing test and will help you find the best hearing aid to suit your unique needs.

  • Behind-the-ear (BTE) aids
  • In-the-ear (ITE) aids
  • In-the-canal (ITC) aids
  • Completely-in-canal (CIC) aids

Hearing health made affordable

The opportunity to improve your hearing is made affordable with CareCredit, the leading patient payment program. With CareCredit, you can get the hearing aids you need.

CareCredit offers:

  • Low monthly payments for healthcare procedures not commonly covered by insurance
  • Low, fixed-interest financing
  • No up-front costs, pre-payment penalties or annual fees
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Options for you

Surgically implanted hearing devices

When traditional hearing aids won't solve your hearing needs, we offer surgical options including bone-anchored hearing aids and cochlear implant surgery. Our audiologists and ear, nose and throat (ENT) doctors work hand in hand so your experience is seamless.

Frequently asked questions: Hearing aids

How do I know if I need hearing aids?

One of the first signs of hearing loss is difficulty hearing or understanding speech in noisy environments. Because age-related hearing loss occurs slowly, you may also find that your spouse or significant other comments about your hearing loss before you even notice it. In either case, schedule a hearing test with an audiologist. They will help determine the extent of your hearing loss and the best treatment options.

Why should I choose Gundersen for hearing aids?


Gundersen audiologists have advanced education. They hold doctorate degrees in Audiology, signified by the "AuD" credential after their names. Together with our audiology technicians and ear, nose and throat doctors, the team will take you from beginning to end in the same department. They will ensure the health of your ears before prescribing hearing aids. And, because we are not-for-profit, you don't have to worry about our staff trying to earn a commission.

Will hearing aids reverse my hearing loss?

Hearing aids work by magnifying sound vibrations going into your ear. They will make it easier to hear sounds that you have difficulty hearing today; however, they will not restore the natural functioning of your ear.

How much do hearing aids cost at Gundersen?

Hearing aids vary in price, depending on brand, style and features. Most quality hearing aids at Gundersen cost between $1,100 and $2,600 per ear. Independent hearing centers may appear to have lower initial costs for hearing aids but often add extra charges.

Our prices are bundled to include:

  • Hearing aid evaluation
  • Hearing aids
  • Hearing aid fitting
  • Hearing aid care for the first year, including cleanings, checks and repairs

Patients will be billed once, after their hearing aid has been fitted.

Some healthcare plans will cover the cost of hearing services. Check with your health insurance company to find out exactly what your policy covers.

For example, Senior Preferred helps members with a cost share allotment toward purchasing hearing aids with two free follow-up visits; however, unlimited hearing aid care for first year is not included.

What type of hearing aid do I need?

Gundersen offers a wide range of hearing aid styles and technology. Your audiologist will perform a thorough hearing test and will help you find the best hearing aid based on factors, such as your degree of hearing loss, lifestyle, budget, shape of your outer ear and ear canal, any special features you need or want, including rechargeable batteries or Bluetooth technology.

What if I don’t like the fit of my new hearing aids?

Gundersen provides a 45-day trial period on hearing aids we offer. If you decide to cancel your purchase during the trial period, there may be a non-refundable fitting charge.

How long will hearing aids last?

Most hearing aids last five to six years. A three-year manufacturer warranty covers any faulty parts and lost or damaged devices.

Can my hearing aid be programmed if I’m out of town?

Yes, technology now makes it possible for us to program your hearing aid remotely, whether you’re one mile or 1,000 miles away from Gundersen.

Programming your hearing aid ensures:

  • Soft sounds are audible.
  • Conversational sounds are clear.
  • Loud sounds are loud but not uncomfortable.

Do you offer routine maintenance and technical support?

Yes. Please call Audiology to ask about technical support or to make an appointment with an audiologist for cleanings, check-ups, device adjustments or upgrades.

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Check with your insurance company to see if you need a referral before making an appointment (e.g., Medicare requires a referral).

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