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minutes in motion

What is Minutes in Motion?

It is a six-week community physical activity challenge. Track and record your minutes of physical activity - at least 30 minutes every day for six weeks. Report your activity daily, weekly or by the end of the challenge. When you meet the challenge, you will be entered into a drawing for great prizes.

Corporate Challenge:

Participating businesses will compete for the top minutes logged. Standings will be posted throughout the challenge on Facebook and Link it. Top three businesses will be awarded a special prize. Categories are as follows:

  • Small business team (less than 25 team members)
  • Medium business team (25-75 team members)
  • Large business team (75 or more members)

National Walking Day:

Wednesday, April 6 is National Walking Day. Grab your co-workers, friends, kids, dog or head out solo for a walk. Take a picture and tag us on social media using the hashtag #MIMWalkingDay for a chance to win fun prizes!

Who can take part in Minutes in Motion?

Anyone, any age, any fitness level can join Minutes in Motion. Simply follow the registration process at to get started. You can participate as an individual or create a team with friends, family or co-workers.

Why should I join Minutes in Motion?

It's a fun way to get moving this spring. Improve your health and your attitude by getting 30 minutes of exercise a day or 210 minutes a week.

How do I register a team?

  1. Promote Minutes In Motion at your workplace. Click on one of the following links for posters and brochures:
  2. Make a list of interested individuals. Choose a team captain who will be responsible for collecting and reporting the minutes for the team. The team captain also provides motivation and encouragement. Some ideas are provided for you below. Team captains are entered into a special prize drawing.
  3. The team captain should register the team online at: Enter your information and choose the "team captain box." In the "registration type" section, make sure to click "Company Team" box. Note: You may have friends and family on a company team. After the team registration has been submitted, the team captain has two options:
    • Register each team member individually. To register each team member, the team captain will need a first and last name, the company name, the team name, employer name and email address
    • Email the registration link to each team member and instruct them to complete the registration form. Each participant will need to enter their first and last name, choose the company team field, enter the team name, employer name and email address.

If you have questions or need assistance registering a team, contact (608) 775-4717 or email [email protected].

Ideas for moving more at work

  • Replace a coffee break with a brisk 10-minute walk. Ask a friend to go with you.
  • Take part in an exercise program at work or a nearby gym.
  • Use the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Plan a walking meeting.
  • Walk to a restroom, water fountain, or a copy machine on a different floor.
  • Take a longer route to a meeting.
  • Walk during breaks or go outside and walk around the block.
  • Use half of your lunch time to move.
  • Walk to a colleague's office rather than calling or sending an email.
  • Get up and move at least once every 30 minutes.
  • Take a 5 minute stretch break for every hour you are at your desk.
  • Park in the furthest parking spot away from your work space and enjoy the walk.
  • Walk whenever you can.
  • Utilize exercise opportunities provided by your employer, like exercise classes, or an onsite gym.
  • Schedule exercise time on your business calendar and treat it as any other important appointment.
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