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Dave Larkin, a Team Pepsi participant, was announced as the grand prize winner of $500 for completing Minutes in Motion.

With each day beginning to feel more like spring, getting outside and staying active can be a great way to live a healthier life. Minutes in Motion is here to challenge you to get active or continue exercising.

Minutes in Motion is a six-week physical activity challenge that can be completed individually, in a group or with a company. The goal is 30 minutes of physical activity each day. For Pepsi-Cola in La Crosse, Minutes in Motion was a perfect way to supplement their wellness program.

Haley McFadden, Team Pepsi captain, was excited to use this program in her workplace. "Like many others, I needed the extra boost to get me moving again. It was a long, cold winter and my physical activity was minimal," says Haley. "Minutes in Motion gave me the motivation to get moving and log my minutes."

Pepsi-Cola even added extra incentives for their employees by giving out Six Week Food and Fitness Trackers to adult participants. A drawing was held for participants two times throughout the challenge. "Both of the winners won a gym bag full of goodies to keep them motivated," says Haley.

Betty Alderman and her husband, Team Pepsi participants, found Minutes in Motion to be motivating. "Minutes in Motion came just in time to get my husband, Steve and me off the couch and active again for the spring," says Betty. "Winter made it easier to make excuses to lounge around with Steve in the evening."

Betty and Steve used the program as a way to compete against each other. Betty notes, "We recorded our minutes and posted them on a bulletin board. It was fun to do together and I am glad Pepsi-Cola had a team." Dave Larkin, another member of Team Pepsi, also ended up winning the grand prize of $500 for completing the challenge.

While Betty and Steve found joy in competing with each other, there are many ways to stay active. "I started working out on the elliptical for 30 minutes at least three nights a week and kicked a soccer ball around with my son," says Haley. "I have noticed improvements in my physique which is enough to keep me going even after Minutes in Motion finishes." Team Pepsi is excited to announce they will be participating in Minutes in Motion again this year.

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