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Get active for life

Ed West on his bike.

Most days, you'll see Ed West cycling the three miles from his La Crosse home to his job at Dairyland Power. For Ed, the daily commute is a perfect opportunity for riding.

Being active is a way of life and he encourages others to give it a try. Minutes in Motion, he says, is a great time to take up healthy habits that can last a lifetime.

He recently won the Minutes in Motion drawing by being among the first 2,000 people to sign up for the six-week, 1,260-minute physical Coulee Region physical activity challenge.

"It's fun to get involved in active community activities," says Ed, who has participated in Minutes in Motion for several years.

With Minutes in Motion, you pick any physical activity that fits your lifestyle, whether it's is gardening, walking the dog, weightlifting, yoga or playing active-motion video games. To help you along the way, the Minutes in Motion website,, offers exercise tips, healthy and delicious recipes, a pedometer conversion chart, exercise products, success stories and all the information you need to know about Minutes in Motion.

Again this year, Ed will be logging his minutes! Why don't you join him?

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