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Whether you know it or not, you are influencing those around you: your family, friends, co-workers and anyone else you spend a significant amount of time with. Lead by example and adopt healthy habits. These habits are likely to impact more than just yourself.

Eat the rainbow. Incorporate a variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Different colors bring in different vitamins and minerals.

Start each day with a nourishing meal. Our bodies are fasting all night. Start each morning with a healthy breakfast filled with protein and fiber to fuel your mind and body for the day ahead.

Have fun with physical activity. Take a break during the day to walk, bike ride or participate in a fitness class like Zumba. Find exercise that you truly enjoy.  

Limit screen time. Screen time is not harmful in small chunks, but it can be bad for our health if we sit on the couch in front of the TV all day. Find other hobbies that enrich your mind and body.

Replace soda with water. Soda and other sweetened beverages are OK in moderation. However, water hydrates much better. Lead by example and increase your water intake by keeping a water bottle with you.

Read labels. When grocery shopping, read labels to decide what food option is best. Look for 100 percent whole grains in bread, pasta and crackers, and watch the sugar content on other packaged items.

Stay positive. Avoid talking negatively about yourself or anyone else. One negative comment can quickly create a downward spiral and negativity between people. Do your best to see the positive in yourself and others.

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