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5 healthy eating strategies for Super Bowl Sunday

5 healthy eating strategies for Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl parties are events to enjoy spending time with friends and watching the "big game." But it may take a little effort to keep healthy eating on track. By being more mindful of your choices, you will feel better and have the energy to enjoy the experience. Consider these five tips to help you during the festivities.

  1. Don't save up for the splurge. While it may seem tempting to "bank" calories all day to save room for the pregame spread, this strategy almost always will backfire. Ultimately you will end up overly hungry, eating much too quickly and feeling stuffed as a result. Start your day as you normally would, eating balanced meals on your regular schedule.
  2. Bring a healthy dish to pass. Bring a fresh fruit tray with a yogurt dip or veggie tray with a healthy dip like salsa, guacamole or hummus.
  3. Put it on a plate. Instead of grazing over all of the choices available, put your food on a plate and make it a meal. Choose fresh fruit alongside healthy protein choices, like cheese and crackers, kabobs, hummus or three-bean salad.
  4. Enjoy in moderation. Have a piece of your favorite dessert or sweet instead of sampling all the choices. Enjoy your favorite tailgate treat but in a moderate portion size. Be aware of your own fullness level, and make an effort to stop before you become overly full. Nobody likes to feel stuffed, and you will enjoy the rest of your event more if you are comfortable.
  5. Drink in moderation. Moderate alcohol intake is two drinks per day for men and one drink per day for women. Try having a glass or bottle of water in between each alcoholic drink to pace your alcohol intake.
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