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4 tips for a healthy holiday season

The holiday season can be exciting, stressful or relaxing, and it will most likely throw you out of your regular routine. Here are some tips for a healthy holiday season:


Meals may be skipped, or extra snacks added in and this can lead to feeling disconnected from your hunger and fullness cues. You may feel out of control with eating, suffer from indigestion or just end up doing more snacking without being aware of it. Try to get in at least one meal during the day with protein and fiber to help with energy, fullness and good digestion. Strive for at least three of the five food groups at your meals (dairy, protein, grains, fruits, vegetables).

Prioritize and Savor

Holiday buffets are usually full of delicious looking treats and it can be tempting to ignore the signs that your stomach is full and try everything. Try to look at all your options before you start filling your plate. Choose the items that look best to you and savor them! If one of the items you choose doesn’t live up to your expectations, don’t feel obliged to finish it.


Between the cold weather, fancy cocktails and hot chocolate, a glass of water may not seem very appealing. But it’s still important to stay hydrated for good digestion and overall good health. Try using herbal teas, hot lemon water and soups to stay hydrated during the holiday season.


The cold weather tends to drive people indoors, but it is important to keep moving during the holiday season. Whether you are training for a race on a treadmill, going sledding or just going for a walk with family after a holiday meal, staying active helps to promote good digestion, good cardiovascular health and helps reduce stress.

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