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Stocking your kitchen for healthy eating just got easier!

Your home and the food you keep there are a direct reflection of your goals. If your goal is to lead a healthy lifestyle, then keeping healthy food available is essential. Healthy eating begins in your food cupboards, refrigerator and freezer. Removing certain foods such as those high in fat and replacing them with healthier foods, as well as adding other nutritious foods can make a difference in regularly eating a well-balanced, nutritious diet.

Create a healthier environment with these three tips for rearranging your kitchen:

  • Keep fruits and vegetables in your line of vision and “junk” food out of sight.
  • Shop for meals and snacks rather than “food” so food you bring home has a purpose.
  • Put food in the cupboard and keep counter tops clear of food items. 

Here are some suggestions to help stock your kitchen and have the healthiest foods on hand for meals and snacks:



RemoveReplace withAdd something new
CupboardHigh fat crackers and chips, sweets, candy, pop, fruit drinks, sweetened cerealWhole-grain crackers , baked chips, nuts, dried fruit, canned fruit in its own juice, whole-grain cerealWhole-grain pasta, quinoa, brown rice, dried beans, herbs and spices
RefrigeratorWhole milk, chocolate milk, high-fat cheese, processed deli meat, regular salad dressingsLow-fat milk, string cheese, yogurt, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, low-fat salad dressingsSalsa, lemons and limes to flavor water, whole wheat tortillas 
FreezerIce cream, frozen pizza, breaded chicken and fishChicken breasts, lean ground beef, thin crust vegetable pizza, frozen yogurt, frozen vegetables, frozen fruitFrozen fruit bars, salmon, wild game

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