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Meal time is an opportunity to nourish your physical body and help you rejuvenate.

Making and enjoying meals not only strengthens your relationship with the people you connect with emotionally, but may even help you live longer.

Researchers at Harvard (Grant and Glueck) spent 75 years monitoring the health of two groups. The study concluded that participants with strong personal relationships had better health. A quality relationship instills a sense of security and love which increases longevity. The more profound love you experience in your lifetime the stronger your sense of belonging. Sounds like a no brainer, right? Prioritizing relationships is beneficial to your emotional and physical well-being. So how can you nurture strong relationships?
I propose that you focus on taking the time to make meals with others to connect emotionally.

Establishing a set time for meals guarantees you will be present to share a ritual that's meant to be a safe place to reconnect with those you care about. Your life is full of tasks you need to complete but have not been proven through research to give you a true sense of fulfillment. Feeling unfulfilled can mean that you use unhealthy methods to "fill your cup" so to say, i.e. eating emotionally, substance abuse, etc. Your health is dependent on the food you consume, but the time spent sharing the meal makes it even more beneficial.

Can you set aside one hour this week to share a meal with someone you love?

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