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It's tempting to look for a quick fix like a juice cleanse to help you lose weight or jump start healthier eating habits.

Do juice cleanses really help you lose weight?

It's true that you’re likely to lose weight on a juice cleanse, but this is simply because you’re consuming fewer calories. Unfortunately, once you finish a cleanse and resume eating normal meals, you will regain the weight.

Ok, but do juice cleanses eliminate toxins?

Whatever your body doesn’t absorb from the juices during a cleanse passes into your large intestine, where it is fermented by bacteria. The result is a laxative effect, which some people claim makes them feel lighter and believe is a sign they’re eliminating toxins.

Unfortunately, consuming fruit and vegetable juice alone means you're missing out on other key nutrients that are essential for the body. The bottom line is that there is no scientific evidence that a juice diet or cleanse removes toxins from your body.

So, are juice cleanses healthy?

Instead of spending money on an expensive juicer, try cleansing your body and mind in a healthier way: keep a food journal for a few days. Writing down everything you eat and drink and rating your hunger and fullness helps you be more aware of whether you’re appropriately fueling your body. A log also helps you identify reasons you might be turning to food even when you’re not physically hungry, and it allows you to make healthier choices more easily.

Curious about what other food myths are out there? Here are a couple more nutrition myths that we’ve debunked to help you live healthier.

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