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Rebecca V Cripe
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Rebecca V Cripe

Halloween is right around the corner, and with it come all the parties, outside fall fun and trick-or-treating. This can feel like an overwhelming time if you have been working on health goals; all the extra exposure to choices can feel overwhelming and you may worry about losing your focus.

  1. Balance is key. Remain consistent with structure and balance as this is what helps fuel your body appropriately. The structure is defined as eating within the first two hours of waking and eating every 3-5 hours after starting to eat. Balance is including 3-5 food groups (protein, grains, dairy, fruits and veggies) at every meal.
  2. Normalize the treats. Choose a meal or a snack when treats can be served, for example, dinner or after school snack. Choose one or two treats and serve them along with a balanced meal. This will help your brain normalize treats as just another food, and not something that is forbidden and must be earned by eating your meal first.
  3. Enjoy sweets mindfully. Stay present and enjoy the treat through mindful eating. Reduce your distractions, take small bites and notice what aromas, flavors and textures you’re experiencing. Consider these questions: Do I like them? How does the food make my body feel? Try this with the whole family and talk about the experience together. You may experience sweets in a whole new way!

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