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Teach your kiddo how to safely wear a mask

When it comes to teaching your child how to effectively put on and take off a face mask, a few pointers can go a long way. Walk them through the following steps to keep them and others safe.

  1. Have your child wash their hands before they pick up their mask. This will prevent germs from getting on the mask and near your child's eyes, nose and mouth.
  2. Once your child's hands are clean, have them grab the mask by its ear loops or ties and put it on without touching the part that covers their mouth and nose. The mask should fit snugly.
  3. Some kiddos may be tempted to play or fidget with their mask. Remind them that while they're wearing a mask it's important not to touch it. The outside of the mask could have germs on it.
  4. When it's time for your child to take off their mask, have them use the ear loops or ties to remove it. Then, still holding the mask by its ear loops or ties, show them how to fold the mask in half with the inside parts touching each other and set it on a napkin or tissue to keep it clean.
  5. After the mask is off, remind your child to clean their hands again.
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