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Healthy you, inside & out

By Shayna Schertz, wellness education specialist, Office of Population Health

Greater health, energy and vitality can be achieved even with busy schedules. Try these steps that can help transform your mind, body and soul.

Replenish Your Energy - Energy is essential in this high-speed world. How do you recharge yourself? Get a good night's sleep, eat a healthy diet, move more and take time for yourself each day.

Care for Your Skin - Skin reflects our overall health. To decrease the signs of aging, exercise, reduce stress, avoid smoking, stay hydrated, eat well and protect your skin with broad spectrum sunscreen and moisturize.

Revitalize Your Spirit - Many of us don't take time to care for ourselves. We need to learn to be fully present - mindful. Give your undivided attention to what you're doing. If you have a lunch date, enjoy being with that person. Don't think about the work waiting for you. Mindfulness means:

  • Be yourself
  • Don't judge yourself or over-analyze your thoughts or what you will say
  • Accept and appreciate each moment
  • Allow things to be the way they are; don't get caught up in expectations, hopes or experiences
  • Be patient with yourself and others. Don't be impatient or anxious for things, pleasant or unpleasant
  • Trust yourself and your feelings

Eat a balanced diet - We are a culture of excess. The key is finding a healthy balance. 

  • Watch your portion sizes
  • Eat whole grains; a serving is ½ cup
  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables
  • For protein, eat fish, lean meats, eggs, beans and legumes
  • Drink plenty of water

Stay Connected - Connect with other people and nature. This can give you more purpose in life and provide more support for others and yourself. Try some one of these tips to stay connected:

  • Make time for family and friends
  • Spend time out in nature
  • Get together regularly with a group
  • Get a pet

De-Stress Your Schedule - Where can you begin? Try these tips to reduce the stress in your schedule.

  • Write important events and "must dos" down
  • Think carefully about what you take on. Say, "No" to projects that won't fit in your schedule
  • Ask for help
  • Get organized at home and at work

Move Your Body – Physical activity reduces stress, helps you relax, improves your self-esteem and eating patterns. Here are some tips:

  • Moderate activity - 150 minutes a week (30 minutes, 5 days per week) or Vigorous activity - 75 minutes a week (15 minutes, 5 days per week)
  • Strength train - This will help you maintain and build lean muscle
  • Yoga - This will relax your mind and body while it strengthens your muscles.
  • Recreational sports - Any games that require vigorous activity
  • Just make movement part of your daily life
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