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The holiday season is often joyful and fun. But all that fun can lead to packed schedules and ever-expanding to-do lists. Don't let holiday stress put a damper on the season or your health.

  1. Say no. While it might be tempting to accept every party invitation, be sure to leave time on your calendar for a little self-care and personal contemplation of the season.
  2. Exercise regularly. With a busy schedule, it can be easy to overlook exercising. Physical activity can relax and energize you, making it especially important this time of year. If you can't commit to an hour-long workout, try to squeeze in a 10-minute walk. Just get moving!
  3. Act like a kid again. Remember how much fun the holidays were as a kid? Channel those feelings by enjoying receiving (or giving!) presents, having a snowball fight or simply appreciating a cookie.
  4. Make a budget. And stick to it. Between gifts, travel and decorations, expenses can add up quickly. Think of ways to cut costs. Get creative with gift giving—think chore coupon books or even a lunch date.
  5. Ask for help. Think of ways to delegate tasks. Do you need to make all five dozen cookies? Could someone else bring the salad for the meal? People often want to help, but they don't know how. Just ask!
  6. Let it go. Be like the snow princess and just let it go. Not everything will go according to plan. Take a deep breath and enjoy the season.

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