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We're committed to providing high-quality care to patients. MyChart is a convenient way to contact your care team for non-urgent medical questions, and sometimes messages that require a provider’s clinical time and expertise may be billed to your insurance.

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Messaging via MyChart

Messaging via MyChart is a convenient way to receive care and get answers for non-urgent medical needs from your Gundersen care team. What may seem like a simple question to a patient could require a provider to spend a significant amount of time doing an in-depth review of a patient’s medical record to provide appropriate medical advice.

When are MyChart messages free?

Here are some examples of messages that will not be billed to your insurance:

  • Scheduling an appointment
  • Requesting a prescription refill
  • Asking a question that leads to an appointment
  • Asking a question about an issue you saw your provider for in the last 7 days
  • Checking in as part of your follow-up care after a procedure
  • Giving a quick update requested by your provider

When are MyChart messages billed?

Here are some examples of messages that may be billed to your insurance:

  • Changes to medications
  • New prescription requests
  • New symptoms not previously discussed with or seen by your provider in the past 7 days
  • Changes to and/or concerns of your long-term condition
  • Other messages that may require extensive provider time to review patient’s medical history

How much should I expect to be billed for MyChart messages?

Coverage for care varies by insurance policy. You’ll always have the option to decline your message being upgraded. Explore other care options and cost differences.

Who can I contact with billing questions?

For questions related to billing, contact us today.

How do I send my provider’s care team a MyChart message?

Log in to MyChart on a web browser or through the MyChart app and select “Messages.”

Don’t have a MyChart account? Create one today.

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You may email us or call our MyChart Help Desk for further questions.

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