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Acute Care Block

We have planned a very fast paced, hands-on, and fun learning experience for you in these 6 weeks. This information is provided to give you direction and clarity regarding your ACB Medicine rotation. Any questions may be addressed to your attending staff, resident or IM preceptor Dr. Kyla Lee (pager 0330) and or coordinator, Allyson Servais.

During your Acute Care Block rotation at Gundersen, be sure to keep track of your requirements for UWSMPH via CanvasComplete your weekly pre-CBL requirements on Canvas.

View the Welcome from the Care Block Director!

Acute Care BLT (Block Learning Time) is Tuesday afternoon, unless otherwise noted on your schedule. 

Acute Care Block
Emergency Medicine / Radiology
Internal Medicine

Topics covered:

  • Acute Care Block Overview - Internal Medicine
  • Senior Resident Hints on IM Ward Expectations
  • Attending Ward Expectations
  • GM EPIC Smart Text
  • H&P Outline

Download all:


Reading materials:

  • Expectations in Neurology
  • Basic Neurological Exam
  • 5-Minute Neuro Exam
  • Med Student Evaluation Form for Rotation
  • Coma Exam
  • Localization Guide
  • MOCA Test
  • NIH Stroke Scale Certification
  • Screening Sensory Exam

Download all:

Sample inpatient rounding and admitting templates

Reading materials: 

  • H&P Template Style 3 Student Sample with ROS
  • Daily Progress Note Rounding Template Style 1 Student Sample
  • Daily Progress Note Rounding Template Style 2 Student Sample
  • Psych H&P Student Example
  • Neuro Rounding Template Student Example

Download all:

Downtime materials - medicine

Reading materials: 

  • ACB Chest Pain #MI Hack Sheet
  • ACB Chest Pain with Issues Rock the Rhythm Hack Sheet
  • ACS Chest Pain on the Fly
  • Acute Coronary Syndromes Algorithm
  • Using the Acute Coronary Syndromes Algorithm for Managing the Patient
  • CHF ACB SIM Hack Sheet Week 4
  • COPD ACB - SIM PREP Hack Sheet Week 4
  • Altered Mental Status ACB Week 8 Hack sheet
  • Acute Care SIM Week 11 # Hack sheet Anaphylaxis

Download all:

Downtime materials - Neurology

Reading materials: 

  • Case #1
  • Case #2
  • Case #3
  • Case #4

Download all:

Contact information
Block Director

Dr. Kyla R. Lee
(608) 775-2654
Prefers to be paged: 0330

Medicine Co-Rotation Lead

Dr. Paul Berg

Neurology Rotation Lead

Dr. Kara Tower


Behavioral Health Rotation Lead

Dr. Jared Gorsuch
(608) 775-4007

Radiology Rotation Lead

Dr. Daniel Wolbrink
(608) 775-2431

Emergency Medicine Rotation Lead

Dr. Gabriel Marsh
(608) 775-0652

Program Coordinator

1900 South Ave.
La Crosse, WI 54601

(608) 782-7300

Language Support:
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