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Graduate Nursing Application

Graduate Nursing Application

Note: You must have your cover letter or introductory letter and resume documents available to send via email once you complete this application. Clinical course documents should also be sent for PMHNP students. Please have your syllabus available to share with your preceptor on your first day of clinicals. Your application will not be considered complete until those items are received. Additional information will be available once you submit your application.

Completion of this application does not guarantee clinical placement for any students. An e-mail will be sent to you to verify clinical placement. 

Please complete one application for each semester or quarter you are seeking clinical placement. Please include specific dates needed for your semester/quarter. Please wait to submit your application closer to the deadline dates for the upcoming semester so that your application is the most accurate. Additionally, please send an introductory letter or cover letter to include the following information: professional nursing background, strengths, career goals, and qualifications that make you an ideal candidate for this clinical placement.

Graduate nursing student application deadlines

Semester          Application deadline Review Student notification
Spring Aug. 1 Sept.-Oct.     Nov.
Summer Jan. 1 Feb.-March     April
Fall April 1 May-June     July

Please understand you must go through the Medical Education department to request clinical placement in any Gundersen Health System facility. Please do not directly contact a Gundersen Health System department, physician, or practitioner for clinical placement. Submission of your application signifies agreement with this stipulation.

Incomplete, illegible, or late applications submitted after the semester deadline date will not be considered for clinical placements. Due to high demand for placement, no exceptions will be made.

The appropriate contractual Affiliation Agreements for Gundersen Health System must be in place prior to clinical placement. If a contract is needed with the school/university for student placement, please note:

  • This process can be lengthy and does not guarantee student placement
  • There is no guarantee that a contract will be successfully negotiated
  • Student cannot be placed or start a clinical rotation and or project until contract is in place
  • Resumes should be thorough and current
  • Cover letters should include anything pertinent to the goals/objectives of your clinical placement as these are given to your potential preceptor(s) to review

Basic information

Are you a current Gundersen employee?

School information

School address
Will you need to complete a student project at GHS?
Does your school program allow any virtual learning to count towards your patient contact hours?


In order to complete clinicals at GHS, you MUST have a valid RN licensure that will not expire during your clinicals. Your licensure MUST be from a Compact State at the time of submitting this application.
RN Licensure

Clinical request

How did you learn about student rotations at Gundersen?
Semester start and end dates
more items
Quarter 1 start and end dates
more items
Quarter 2 start and end dates
more items
Preferred Placement Choice 1
Preferred Placement Choice 2
Preferred Placement Choice 3
Preferred Placement Choice 4
Preferred Placement Choice 5
If unable to obtain clinical placement at GHS main campus or regional clinics, would you be interested in clinical placement at the following Affiliate site hospitals, if applicable.
Check all that apply.
Preceptor requirements
Check all that apply
Do you have a preceptor in mind that you would like to reach out to?

By entering my name below, I acknowledge that completion of this application does not guarantee clinical placement. I acknowledge that all clinical placement requests must come through the Medical Education department. I understand that an affiliation agreement needs to be in place between my school and Gundersen at least one month prior to starting the rotation for the rotation to take place.

By typing my name below, I acknowledge that all Nursing project requests must come through the Medical Education department. I understand that an affiliation agreement needs to be in place between my school and Gundersen, the Student Project Template must be completed, the project must be vetted by the Gundersen project vetting committee, and I must go through human subjects oversight prior to starting any project work. 

A friendly reminder: Do not reach out to providers on your own, placement must go through medical education. Thank you.

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