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Family Medicine Residency Research

We’re a community of learners and that includes you. During your residency, you’ll pursue research that leads to improved outcomes for our patients and future generations.

How to apply

Research span

During your residency, you'll engage in 2 scholarly projects, including one focused on quality improvement. Our faculty have extensive experience in quality improvement, efficiency and safety. We’ll support your work with biostatisticians who are experts in designing, performing, presenting and publishing scholarly work.  

Research opportunities

  • A Digital Age: Pediatric screen exposure and associated mood changes 
  • Understanding associations between civic engagement and substance use disorder treatment 
  • ePDMP policy effect on GHS providers and postpartum opioid prescribing 
  • Effects of prenatal methamphetamines exposure on children 
  • Current care trends for postmenopausal women with recurrent UTIs 
  • Adverse pregnancy outcomes for obese women 
  • Evaluating the impact of COVID-19 on the mental health of GHS patients 
  • Methamphetamines in pregnancy 


Class of 2023

  • Kylie Bossuyt, MD Poster: Effects of Enhanced Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (ePDMP) Policy on Postpartum Opioid Prescribing.
  • Kavita Kanwar, MD Presentation: Effects of Prenatal Methamphetamine and Opioid Exposure on Childhood Development and Health. Christina Nygren; Charles Schauberger, MD; Robyn Borge, MD; Kavita Kanwar, MD; Mary Oldenburg, MS; Kait Saeger, BS, Andrew Borgert, PhD. Presentation: Improving Diabetes Care using a Quality Improvement Framework in a Resource-poor Free Clinic. Kavita Kanwar, MD, Allicen Waxlax, MD, Cheri Olson, MD, Laurie Logan, MD, Krishi Korrapati, Grace Tarara.
  • William Klein, MD, MPH Poster: Understanding Civic Engagement and Substance Use. Gundersen Academic Day, 2023.
  • Molly Sygulla, MD Presentation: Adverse Childhood Experiences and Utilization of Behavioral Health Care. Afton Koball, PhD, Molly Sygulla, MD, Victoria Sparks, MD, Denyse Olson-Dorff, PsyD, Judy Klevan, MD, Alec Fitzsimmons, MPH, & Andrew Borgert, PhD. The Society of Behavioral Medicine Annual Meeting, 2023.
  • Benjamin Thompson, MD Poster: A Digital Age: Pediatric Screen Exposure and Associated Mood Changes. Gundersen Academic Day, 2023.

Class of 2022

  • McKenzie Bruce, MD: Research poster, “Provider Follow up of Abnormal Fasting Glucose Results” 
  • Garrett Donaldson, MD: Research poster, “Advanced Care Planning in Patients with Substance Use Disorders” 
  • Marty Erlandson, DO: Poster presentation, “Trends in Osteopathic Manipulation Therapy” 
  • Laura Krueger, MD: Poster presentation, “Evaluation of Oral Antibiotic Prescription Across Ambulatory and Virtual Venues for Select Upper Respiratory Tract Ailments” 
  • Mary George, MD: Research published in the American Family Physician, “Acute Abdominal Pain in Adults: Diagnosis and Evaluation”  
  • Zacharia Razavi, MD: Verbal presentation on Ethic Consultations, Poster Presentation, “Family Medicine Residency Patient Population and Training Diversity” 

Class of 2021

  • Jacob Ball, MD: Poster presentation, “Evaluating Suicide Risk Factors for a GHS Patient Population”  
  • Cassandra Lanning, DO: Poster presentation and ASAM virtual conference, “Methamphetamines in Pregnancy”  
  • Mark McCabe, MD: Poster presentation, “The Impact of Payday Lender on Medicare Outcomes" 
  • Zach Meyer, MD: Poster presentation, “One-Time Integrated Care Psychiatry Consult: Increasing Access to Care and Family Medicine Provider Knowledge and Skills” 
  • Ian Stock, DO: Poster presentation and Minnesota and Wisconsin combined Osteopathic Conference, “Postpartum Hemoglobin after Treatment with Oral Iron vs. Intravenous Iron Infusion” 

Class of 2020

  • Sarah Brown, MD: Wellness in Family Medicine Residents: application pending for presentation at the Family Medicine Midwest Conference 2020 in Minneapolis, Minn; publication application pending, “Improving Wellness in Family Medicine Residents: Annals of Family Medicine” 
  • Lisa Hayes, MD: "Effect on Standardized Stroke Care After Implementation of an Inpatient Stroke Response Team (SRT) in a Community Teaching Hospital” 
  • Laura Jacobson, MD: Presentation, “Sex Differences in Patellofemoral Joint Stress During Running” (with Charles Nathan Vannatta, DPT; Thomas Kernozek, PhD, FACSM; and Catherine Schuman, PhD)  
  • Kara Kamps-Schmitt, MD: Presentation and manuscript submitted for publication, “Evaluation of the Maternal and Neonatal Risks and Benefits Associated with Immersion in Water During the Second Stage of Labor and Delivery” 
  • Karissa Sanchez Traun, MD: Poster presentation and published in American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology Maternal and Fetal Medicine, “Opioid Prescribing Trends in Postpartum Women: A Multicenter Study”  

Class of 2019

  • Alcaraz Voelker, K. and Schauberger, C., “Academic Detailing for Postpartum Opioid Prescribing,” J Am Board Fam Med 2018 Nov-Dec; Vol. 31 No. 6; Alcaraz Voelker, K., Michels Bartels, C., Johnson, H., Ogdie, A., McBride, P., Jacobs, E., Zhao, Y., Smith, M., “Frequency and Predictors of Communication About High Blood Pressure in Rheumatoid Arthritis Visits,” Journal of Clinical Rheumatology 2018; June; Vol. 24, No. 4. 
  • Vicki Bodendorfer, MD: Presentations, “The Adverse Childhood Experiences Conversation in Primary Care" 22nd International Summit-IVAT; “The Adverse Childhood Experiences Conversation in Primary Care” Academy of Violence and Abuse Training: Matsu School District; The Adverse Childhood Experiences Conversation in Primary Care,” Gundersen Health System Academic Day 
  • Wesley Fox, MD, Andrew Borgert and Cary Rasmussen et al., published, “Long-Term Micronutrient Surveillance After Gastric Bypass Surgery in an Integrated Healthcare System,” Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases; poster and presentation: Fox, W., Borgert, A., Rasmussen, C., Kallies, K., Klas, P., & Kothari, S. “Long-Term Micronutrient Surveillance After Gastric Bypass Surgery in an Integrated Healthcare System,” Obesity Medicine Association, Overcoming Obesity 

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