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Medical Education: EMPA Fellowship Application

Medical Education: EMPA Fellowship Application

The deadline for applications for the 2022-2023 academic year was January 1, 2022, and is now closed. Virtual interviews will occur in February and March of 2022, with the program starting in late summer 2022.

Requirements for application

  • Degree from accredited PA program (by start of fellowship)
  • NCCPA certification (by start of fellowship)
  • Official transcripts from PA School
  • Three letters of recommendation:
    • If currently in school: One from Program Director
    • If currently employed: One from colleague
    • Ideally one from an emergency physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner
  • Personal Statement
  • Curriculum Vitae


To begin the application process, please fill out the form below. After completing the form, email the other required documents listed above to [email protected]

Basic information



Enter your graduation date, past or anticipated.
Describe any community/extracurricular work or activities you have done (organizations that you belong to, service work, community projects, etc.)
Describe any special recognition you have received for excellence in school work (honors, prizes, etc.)

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