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Published on February 10, 2020

Sondra and Roger Lange

Boscobel couple benefits from Swing Bed close to home

'Every minute is precious'

Roger Lange's life changed just two days after his 73rd birthday.

The U.S. Marine and retired airport security worker was dressing for a morning on the golf course June 2019 when his wife, Sandy, heard him say "uh, oh."

"He fell over onto the bed. I felt for his pulse, but I didn't get anything," Sandy remembers.

A retired nurse, Sandy's professional training kicked in. She did chest compressions and finally got a pulse. "You have to act quickly. You can't hesitate. Every minute is precious," Sandy shares.

Within minutes after Sandy called 911, Roger was taken to Gundersen Boscobel Hospital, where staff found Roger suffered a stroke. While Emergency Department staff prepared Roger for a helicopter ride to Gundersen La Crosse Hospital, staff made sure Sandy was informed and supported.

"Looking back, Ashley Trautsch (social worker, Gundersen Boscobel) was my rock. Without her help, I would not have been able to make the decisions I had to make. My husband was supported by the clinical staff, but Ashley supported me. She was exactly what I needed for emotional support."

In La Crosse, Gundersen surgeons removed the blood clot from Roger's brain that caused the stroke. After recovering in the hospital for 10 days, Roger had options to continue his recovery closer to home. Swing Bed at Gundersen Boscobel was recommended.

"I had no clue what Swing Bed was," Sandy shares, "but I knew Roger and I needed a little extra help as he recovered and gained strength."

For about a month in Swing Bed, Roger received therapy, medication, meals and the support from staff he needed for his recovery, and Sandy had regular contact with Ashley to make sure her and Roger's needs were being met.

"Swing Bed gives you the security of care in a hospital," Sandy says. "We were involved in weekly staff meetings to discuss care needs. Therapists came right to Roger's room. Staff also made so many suggestions of ways I could help Roger's care, too, even recommending some touches of home, like family pictures. I felt like I was included as part of the care."

Roger is back home and doing speech therapy once or twice a week at Gundersen Boscobel. As he regains his strength and independence, and his golf swing, Sandy is grateful for the continued care and support.

"The (Gundersen staff) in Boscobel and La Crosse are totally professional. They care for the patient, and they take time to care for the family members as well."

Swing Bed is personalized care

If you're recovering from major surgery or an extensive procedure; need rehabilitation after an extended hospital stay; or need in-depth education for a new diagnosis, Swing Bed may be for you.

When he was ready, Roger's care team incorporated golf motions into his therapy plan. Personalized plans like this from a team of Gundersen Boscobel providers and staff help you recover and return to the activities you enjoy. Services include:

  • Skilled Nursing care
  • Nutrition Services, including customized diets and menus, to meet your personal preference and dietary needs to aid recovery
  • Physical Therapy to help you resume activities like walking, exercising, maintaining balance and building strength and flexibility
  • Occupational Therapy to increase independence for bathing, dressing, grooming, cooking, and basic housekeeping
  • Pharmacy for your medication needs
  • Recreation Therapy for activity plans based on your interests and hobbies
  • Respiratory Therapy for education about oxygen and other respiratory needs
  • Social Work to connect you and your family with support services and resources during your stay and when you return home
  • Speech Therapy to develop your communication skills, including expressing thoughts, reading and safe swallowing

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