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Winter 2020 Issue

Patient Stories

Kris Loeser with Dr. Parsons

New cancer treatment is right on target

Thanks to cutting-edge clinical trials and participants, like Kris, Gundersen's Research team can help evaluate the safety and effectiveness of new treatments.

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Ashley Jestrab and baby

Giving babies the best start

Shared obstetrics care means two healthcare providers partner to provide care for a mother during pregnancy and delivery. For Ashley, that meant seeing her primary care provider Kristy Schilling, MD, locally at Gundersen Decorah Clinic for prenatal care, then transferring to an obstetrician in La Crosse for labor and delivery.

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Cindy Field

Cindy Field's doctor recommended a routine screening. It found cancer.

'I had absolutely no symptoms' Cindy Field almost threw away the test that saved her life.

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Marie Gosda with baby and physical therapist

After winter fall, Wilton mother finds pain relief through therapy

Gundersen La Crosse Clinic providers connected Marie to pelvic floor physical therapy at Gundersen St. Joseph's Hillsboro Clinic, about 15 minutes from her home in Wilton.

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Carole Janssen

Adams business owner regains independence after Gundersen Moundview Swing Bed care

'It was important for me to be close to home'

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Sondra and Roger Lange

Boscobel couple benefits from Swing Bed close to home

After recovering in the hospital for 10 days, Roger had options to continue his recovery closer to home. Swing Bed at Gundersen Boscobel was recommended.

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Carole Janssen

Swing bed care aids Whitehall woman's stroke recovery

Until she could return home, Dawn was comforted by the availability of Swing Bed care in her community and the convenience it offered family and friends.

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man cupping his hand over his ear to try and hear better

Did you hear?

Convenience and lower costs – and that handy Add to Cart button – make it hard to keep us from shopping online. But your hearing is unique, and your hearing aid should be tailored to you.

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outline of a foot

4 foot problems you shouldn't ignore

There are some situations in life where you're better off grinning and bearing it. Foot and/or ankle pain isn't one of them

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family medicine resident looking at a patient

Bringing quality healthcare to rural communities

About 25% of the U.S. population lives in rural areas, but only 10% of physicians practice in those areas. Gundersen Health System and Gundersen Medical Foundation launched a Family Medicine Residency program and clinic in July 2016 to address the shortage of rural healthcare providers in the Tri-state Region. The program trains doctors interested in practicing family medicine, especially in rural Midwest communities.

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Gundersen Tomah Clinic obstetrican and gynecologist Robert Holness, MD, and pediatrician Kelly Hodgson Kline, MD, hold the twins who were born a week apart in Tomah in 2019

Double the benefits

Tomah OB-GYN keeps high-risk pregnancy care close to home

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speech therapist with pediatric patient

New speech therapist gives patients a stronger voice

Gundersen Moundview Hospital and Clinics expands its speech therapy services with speech and language pathologist Aeriana Culpitt, MS, CCCSLP.

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bandage roll

Wound care, close to home in Boscobel

To help more patients receive care closer to home, Teri became certified in wound care in 2012 and is an integral part of providing that care at Boscobel.

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pregnant woman

New doctor offers family medicine, obstetrics care in Viroqua

Now part of the Family Medicine team at Gundersen Viroqua Clinic, Dr. White is excited to provide routine care for families and as they grow.

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surgery lights

Offering surgery, close to home

What do appendectomies, colonoscopies and C-sections have in common? They are all surgical procedures performed by Gundersen Decorah surgeons in northeast Iowa.

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Icons of healthy things

6 tips for a healthy 2020

In our fast-paced world, it's easy to overlook the task of self-care. As the new year begins, make a resolution to take time to fuel yourself as you bustle through your day.

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man holding his arm while someone looks on

9 benefits of physical and occupational therapy

Is therapy right for you? We can help with orthopedic problems, neurological conditions, cognitive limitations, pelvic health issues, sports injuries, work-related injuries and more.

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man resting head on hand with eyes closed

Don't snooze on sleep disorder care

Tired? Unable to focus? Lack of sleep is likely just scratching the surface.

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what to expect

We've taken steps at all our locations to keep you and our staff healthy and safe. Here's what to expect when you visit us.

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