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Published on August 18, 2017

Change Reaction program

Working together on your health and wellness goals

Change Reaction Program now available to the public

Vicki Pavlovec, supervisor, Cardiac Rehabilitation, and Tresha Kuennen, RN, Cardiac Rehabilitation, are enthusiastic supporters of a new opportunity from Gundersen Palmer Lutheran Hospital and Clinics.

The Change Reaction Program is now available to the public, combining education about exercise, nutrition and stress reduction for individuals wanting to improve their overall health.

"We're excited to get the word out because in the past, only patients who received cardiac or pulmonary rehabilitation at Gundersen Palmer were eligible for this program," explains Vicki, the program's director. "Thanks to the strong support of Dr. Gerilyn Zuercher from our Family Medicine team, we're now thrilled to welcome anyone who is interested."

During the Change Reaction Program, attendees learn about:

  • Exercise, including stretching, strengthening, balance, aerobic activity, and creative workouts;
  • Nutrition, including healthy eating and choosing wisely, reading labels and grocery shopping 101, and healthy cooking; and
  • Stress, including understanding stress and its impact, identifying stressors, and tools for reducing and mastering stress.

"We see ourselves as cheerleaders for participants," shares Tresha, program leader. "We support them as they change their lives for the better. And while we show them what to do and offer tips for sustaining positive progress, they perform the most challenging part of our partnership—exercising regularly, eating healthier and managing their stress."

Participants of all ages and stages of wellness have gained personally from the Change Reaction Program, reporting benefits such as increased strength; improved balance and steadiness when standing/walking; weight loss; reduced shortness of breath; decreased daily blood sugar levels; escalated energy levels; heightened confidence; an overall healthier feeling; and comradery with new friends in the program.

Vicki adds, "The neurologist of one of our participants, a 74-year-old stroke patient, could not believe the dramatic improvements she made after four to five months in this program."

For more information on eligibility or cost of the Change Reaction Program, call Gundersen Palmer Cardiac Rehabilitation at (563) 422-3811.

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