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Published on November 17, 2017


3 myths about your metabolism

Metabolism is the process by which you convert the calories you consume into energy so your body can function. Some people believe something must be wrong with their metabolism if they struggle with their weight. But is this the case?

MYTH #1: I can't change my metabolism

Fact: Genetics play a role in determining your metabolic rates, but so do eating and exercise habits. Spacing meals and snacks every three to five hours throughout your day supports a healthier metabolism. The opposite is also true: skipping meals, especially breakfast, can slow your metabolism.

A leaner, more muscular body burns more calories to function than a body with a higher percentage of fat. Achieve a healthier balance of lean muscle and fat with regular exercise, including strength training.

MYTH #2: I can speed up my metabolism with certain foods or supplements

Fact: Specific foods like hot peppers or broccoli are reported to boost metabolism, but the best way to fire up your metabolism and keep it burning throughout the day is to eat a structured and balanced diet. Include plenty of “whole foods,” including fruit, veggies and whole grains.

There's also no evidence that supplements boost metabolism. These products aren't regulated, so you never know what you're ingesting. Save your money.

MYTH #3: Eating past 7 p.m. will ruin my metabolism

Fact: Eating a snack after 7 p.m. won't ruin your metabolism. However, eating that snack when you're not hungry are added calories your body doesn't need. It's eating out of boredom, stress or cravings that contribute to weight gain.

If you're interested in taking an easy, painless metabolism test or want more advice on revving up your metabolism, call Gundersen Nutrition Therapy at (608) 775-3447 or visit to schedule an appointment with one of our registered dietitians.

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