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Parents - get active with your kids



Think like a kid. Most kids like to play outside, be competitive and be silly. Race your kids down the block. When they get tired, have them time you as you continue your sprints and have them join back in when they are ready. See who can get the fastest time from point A to point B.

Improvise. Looking for an endurance workout? Go for a walk or jog and bring your kids along on their bikes or rollerblades. Play games along the way and have fun to keep them entertained.

Break it up. Kids have short attention spans. Switch up your activity every 10-15 minutes to keep your kids excited and involved. For example, walk or bike to the park, play on the playground equipment and walk back home. This will keep the activities fresh for the young ones yet still keep everyone moving. Keep in mind- you don't have to watch your kids have fun on the playground; join in on the fun with them!

Encourage and celebrate. Youth sports are meant for having fun and learning fundamentals. Unfortunately the culture is changing and kids are pushed to the brink at ages much too young. When getting active with your children be sure to encourage them and celebrate their successes. Kids don't need to be rock star athletes as long as they are getting active and having fun!

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