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We all slip up once in a while and that's okay- it's part of being human. One skipped workout or day of bad eating is not going to stop you from reaching your goals. What is important is how you react. If you fall off track, follow these simple steps to get you back to reaching your goals.

Be kind to yourself. Acknowledge what went wrong and accept it without being harsh on yourself. Life happens and we miss workouts and act in ways that don't align with our goals but that doesn't have to completely derail us.

Don't wait for tomorrow or next week to come. There will always be the excuse of starting tomorrow, but don't let that stop you. Get back up and start today.

Set goals for yourself. Goals are personal to everyone so find what works for you. This could be walking for 10 minutes during your lunch break every day, walking your dog around the blog every night when you get home or meeting up with a friend to go to your favorite workout class together.

Start small. Setting too high of goals from the get go often make us feel defeated. Start of by setting small goals and creating new goals overtime. You may have a large overarching goal such as completing a marathon, but start off with smaller, more achievable goals like running a 5k to begin.

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