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Are you going on a spring break trip or planning a summer getaway? You don't need to stress over choosing between exercise or enjoying your vacation: these things can go hand in hand!

Maybe you are going on a beach vacation and looking forward to spending the day on your towel. The good news is relaxation is great for the mind and body, and you can still get your 30 minutes of exercise in each day by walking along the waterfront or playing beach games.

Are you going somewhere new where you will be a doing a lot of sightseeing? This a fantastic way to get your minutes in! Instead of sightseeing by bus or trolley, choose walking tours. You will appreciate being so close to the landscape and get plenty of steps in.

If you are going to visit family or on a business trip and won't have many opportunities to stay active, try to take some time to stretch, walk or do a quick indoor workout. Sometimes staying active involves planning and creativity, but you always have the choice to move your body and take care of yourself.

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