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Seven easy ways to be more active


Many people desire to be active but don't know where to start. They know exercise is important for their health, but joining a gym or finding exercise they enjoy can seem daunting. No matter your current workout routine, it is important to find ways to continue moving throughout your day.

7 steps for incorporating more movement in your life.

  1. Make time for frequent standing and walking breaks throughout your day. If it helps, set a timer on your watch or phone to remind you to get up and move.
  2. Take the stairs as frequently as possible.
  3. When walking, increase your pace to get your heartrate up and promote heart health.
  4. When you are at home and have the time, cleaning is a great way to stay active. A clean, clutter-free home also can relieve stress.
  5. Incorporate exercise into commercial breaks when you're watching TV. Try planks, squats and triceps dips.
  6. Plan active date nights with your significant other. Walk around the park, go on a hike, play tennis or find some other active activity that you both enjoy.
  7. Do simple exercises while you're waiting. For example, if you're boiling water at home, do bodyweight squats instead of sitting down until the water is ready.

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