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Fitting 30 minutes into your day

We live in the day and age of go-go-go; how are you supposed to be physically active for 30 minutes each day? Take a deep breath, it's not as intimidating as it may seem and as long as you prioritize your 30 minutes you will be able to get it done.

Break it down - Can you find 10 minutes to spare, 3 times a day? Start your day with a 10 minute walk, get up around lunch time for a 10 minute walk and finish the day with a 10 minute walk after dinner. That's all there is to it; you have completed your 30 minutes for the day, was that so hard?

Get up early - You have a choice, you can either get up 30 minutes early, or you can sleep in. Is 30 minutes really going to make that much of a difference over the course of your day? If you are sleep deprived, maybe you really need those 30 minutes. If not- get out of bed and get to it! Go for a walk or a jog, use your own bodyweight to do an at-home workout or do some yoga. Chances are, you will feel more energized than had you chose to sleep in.

Multitask - Do a quick workout in your living room while dinner is in the oven or ride a stationary bike while reading your favorite book. If you have kids, try taking a walk while they are at practice/lessons or do an at-home workout while your kids are napping.

Get the family involved - Physical activity is not just for adults! Get the whole family up and moving. Go for a bike ride, hike or go swimming together. Physical activity is a great way to spend time together while keeping the whole family healthy!

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