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To kick off Minutes in Motion, think of an activity you enjoy doing. Do you enjoy sports, gardening or playing with your kids? How about yoga, rock climbing or dancing? Physical activity shouldn't be something you dread doing. If you don't like it, try something different to get your body moving!

Get your family and friends involved. Physical activity is always more fun when you are doing something fun with other people! Go for a hike, bike or play a sport together. This is great bonding time with the bonus of getting active.

Try something new. It is normal to get bored doing the same thing every day. If you walk for 30 minutes every day and you find yourself getting bored or stuck in a rut, challenge yourself to try something new! Did you know that mixing up your workout routine is beneficial to your mind and your body? Different activities use different muscles. Strengthen your whole body by mixing up your routine.

Get outside. Sunshine and fresh air does everyone a great amount of good. After the long winter, challenge yourself to get outside a little bit each day, even for a 5-10 minute walk. You will feel refreshed and more energized than if you stayed inside.

Join a fitness class. Zumba, yoga, group strength, boot camp, you name it! These are all fun classes that will improve your fitness and add to your Minutes in Motion. Grab a friend to join you or go solo and meet new people!

Get your chores done. Vacuuming, laundry, cleaning the kitchen or sweeping the floor; did you know all of these activities count towards your Minutes in Motion? Get work done around the house while increasing your activity- that's a win-win!

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