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cheap exercise equipment for your home workout

Cheap exercise equipment for your home workout

Winter days can be dark, cold and short, but that doesn't mean you need to forego your exercise routine.

In fact, you can get a great total body workout in, in the comfort of your own home! Exercising at home can be simple and inexpensive. Here are some great options to get a good sweat session in at home.

Kettle bells: Training with a kettle bell requires you to engage multiple muscle groups at once. They can give you the benefits of both strength training and cardio at once.

Yoga mat: Just because it's a Yoga mat doesn't mean it can't be used for other exercises. A Yoga mat can be used for Yoga, stretching and core work.

Jump rope: This effective exercise equipment takes up little space making it convenient to bring along on vacations. You really only need a jump rope, small space and a little time to get your heart rate up.

Resistance bands: This underrated equipment can be used to target the entire body with countless different exercises and they're small enough to bring with you anywhere you go. Resistance bands come in a variety of different resistance levels. Check out these resistance band exercises for some ideas!

Box/chair/bench: It's likely you have one of these at home. A box, chair or bench is a great tool for modified push-ups, step ups, bounds or box, triceps dips and more.

Sliders/paper plates: purchasing sliders are inexpensive, but if you have paper plates at home, those work too! These can be used for a great core workout. Place the sliders or plates under your feet (works best on a carpeted floor) and get into a plank position on your hands. Next, slide one foot forward, bringing your knee toward your armpit and then slide it back to starting position. Switch feet and continue for 30 seconds. There are many variations and some that place the sliders under your hands so look for slider exercise and get creative!

Used cardio equipment: This time of the year is a perfect time to purchase equipment. Stores have great sales and used equipment seems to be abundant on reselling websites. Just be sure you're going to use the equipment for its intended use and not for a laundry rack.

Little or no equipment, body weight workout:
20 Bodyweight squats
10 Push-ups or wall push-ups
30 Seconds jump rope or tiny hops if you don't have a rope
30 Total alternating walking lunges
20 Total alternating bicep curls using resistance bands or handheld weights/kettle bells
30 Second Plank
30 Jumping jacks
*Repeat circuit 2-3 times

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