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While yoga might seem like light stretching to some people, it is a lifestyle for those dedicated to their mat. And for good reason! Yoga can help with weight loss and mind-body connection. More importantly, yoga can improve your overall health from the inside out.

Yoga helps calm the mind by bringing you into the present while encouraging you to pay attention to your body and how it feels. You may notice that your body feels much better after becoming centered. Being more mindful of how to make your body feel its best will help you achieve the weight at which your body functions its best.

Remember: Everyone is an individual, meaning we are all different shapes and sizes. Instead of aiming for a certain weight, challenge yourself to toss out the scale and focus on how you feel. Do you have more energy? Do you feel comfortable? Are you excited to spend time doing the things you love? Reaching a certain number on the scale will most likely not make you any happier. But tuning into yourself—how your mind and body work together—will make you happier and healthier.

How to get started

Put on some comfy clothes, grab an exercise mat and a yoga video, or, if you are more experienced, flow on your own. Yoga videos can be checked out from the library or found online. You also may choose to visit a local yoga studio—a great idea for beginners to practice correct form. If you are practicing in your home, make sure to move slowly and only do what you are comfortable with to avoid injury.

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