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You've likely heard the line "sitting is the new smoking." Many modern conveniences make it easy for us to sit the majority of our day, which in turn could be doing a disservice to our health.

Even if you go to the gym to get your workout in before the rest of us are awake, it is important to move throughout the day to keep your blood flowing. These simple exercises can help get your blood flowing while you're sitting at work, during your favorite TV show or on the break of a long road trip!

Overhead stretch: Inhale as you bring your arms up overhead, reaching toward the sky and exhale as you release your arms down.

Torso twist: Keep your hips stationed forward while rotating your trunk to the right and then to the left

Neck rotations: Slowly turn your head to look over your right shoulder, hold, and return to center, slowly turn your head to look over your left shoulder, hold, and return to center.

Leg raises: Staying seated, while maintaining good posture, engaging your core, extend your right leg, raise your foot off the ground and lower. Repeat ten times, repeat with your left leg.

Core work: Slide to the front of your chair, cross your hands over your chest and engage your core. Slowly lean back until you can feel your core muscles working. Return to an upright position and repeat.

Squat up: Lean slightly forward, while using the large muscles in your legs come up to standing. Lower back down and repeat.

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