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Meaningful routines can be incredibly helpful while spending our days at home. It might be easy to get in a rhythm of going to bed late, sleeping in and watching TV for much of the day. Unfortunately, this is not going to make us feel our best. Below are 10 things you can do each day to make the most of each day in quarantine.

Wake up at the same time. Waking up at the same time, even on weekends, keeps cardiac rhythms functioning more productively. This leads to feeling better overall.

Avoid the snooze button. Hitting the snooze button can leave you feeling worse than getting up when you alarm first goes off, according to the American Heart Association. When the snooze button calls your name, choose to get up and rock your morning.

Don't reach for your phone. It's tempting to reach for your phone first thing in the morning. But reading e-mails or scrolling social media can zap your focus and energy before you have a chance to wake up. Wait at least 30 minutes before you check your phone.

Drink H2O. Wake up and drink a glass of water, which can rehydrate your body, improve your metabolism, increase your brain power and boost your immune system.

Listen to upbeat music. Music has been proven to boost your mood and energize you. Music can also improve your mental focus, reduce stress and make you happier. Having a playlist of upbeat and happy songs can improve your morning outlook.

Get outside. Make it a priority to get outside, even just for 5 minutes each day. The fresh air will help stimulate your senses and boost your mood. You can go for a walk, sit in the sunshine or stand outside your door and breath in the spring breeze.

Make time for exercise. Whether it is in the morning or later in the day, daily movement is incredibly important. In addition to keeping your body physically healthy, exercise helps keep our minds healthy as well. Exercise can improve your mood, help you get better sleep and allow time to step away from the hustle and bustle.

Self-care. Taking care of YOU is more important now than ever before. Some of us have kids at home while balancing a full time job while others are out of work and struggling to fill their days with meaningful activities. Self-care is different for everyone and important for everyone. This might be taking a bubble bath, calling a friend, going for a walk outside or reading a book. Whatever self-care means to you, remember to take time for yourself each day.

Set intentions and reflect on the day. Spending each day at home can feel very monotonous. Have a plan for each day with what you want to accomplish. At the end of the day, take a few minutes to reflect. What went well, and what could you change for tomorrow so you feel accomplished at the end of the day.

Call a loved one. Each day, make a point to call a friend or family member. Everyone is feeling isolated and we all miss our family and friends. We look forward to the day we can wrap our loved ones in a big hug. Until then, stay connected with phone and video calls. Your calls don't need to take a long time. A quick phone call to say hello can do great things for our mental health and let your loved one know you are thinking of them.

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